Nothing is better than a dirt bike riding trip with your friends or family. It is fun and exhilarating. From weekend ride outs to monthly trips, it’s good to take refuge from reality, and experience that adrenaline rush.

And while you may not want to increase the load on your dirt bike, there are 7 essential things you must carry to stay safe and make the most of your journey.

Let’s check that out.


Bike rides are long and exhausting. It’s a thirsty fun experience that often leads to severe dehydration.

So, if you don’t want to give dehydration a fighting chance, carry a water tank with you, and stay hydrated all the time.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to carry a bulky water bottle inside your backpack. Get yourself a hydration pack, and take a sip whenever you want.


Like water for hydration, you will need food to keep up that energy level. You don’t want to feel tired after riding every 10 miles. So pack enough snacks to fight fatigue throughout your journey. If you want to pack light, you can divide the ration amongst your friends and family.

Tip: Carry snacks that are ready to eat and have a high-calorie intake. Dark chocolates, protein bars, sandwiches are some of the options that will provide an instant energy boost.

First Aid Kit

This one is no brainer.

Unless you are Superman with supervision and healing powers, you might need a first aid kit on your adventure. This is true even if you have a considerable amount of experience in dirt bike riding.

You have to be prepared for every obstacle you may face. And being prepared means understanding that safety is the topmost priority. So, don’t forget to pack a handy first aid kit in your saddlebag.


Regardless of how long the journey is, it’s always wise to carry extra fuel with you. If you are riding a gas dirt bike, make sure you have an extra gallon or two of gas. You never know who might need it down the road.

Carrying extra fuel not only eliminates the worry of running out of gas but it also allows you the freedom to explore more. And they say that we live only once, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

You can also consider installing a bigger fuel tank if carrying fuel is not feasible.

Spare Spark Plug

Although, if you have a good quality dirt bike, your spark plug won’t ditch you in the middle of the road. But you cannot take that risk. Extra gas won’t be of any use if your fuel won’t ignite it.

So, carry a spare spark plug, just in case.

Tool Kit

Every bike has a different tool kit requirement. So, consult a local mechanic and get your kit ready before you embark on that adventure.

Also, pack zip ties and electrical tapes with you. They can do a fantastic job of securing things and keeping them intact.

Riding Gear And Apparel

Dirt bike riding is great, but it’s not always a breeze.

For a long ride, dress up appropriately. Wear those waterproof clothing, riding boots, knee guards, and a helmet. Make sure everyone you are riding with also has a protective gear with them.

If this is your kid’s first dirt bike ride, buy quality kids motorbike gear from the leading dirt bike gear and accessories company.

Lastly, carry your ID, license, and bike papers.

Final Thoughts

It’s never fun to ride a dirt bike alone. And most importantly, you may need help, in case, things go south.

Hopefully, this blog will help you pack well for your next dirt bike adventure.