James Bond is a very famous series and popular among modern movies. Casino Royale was actually a novel written by Ian Fleming. But the movie is famous as the 007 casino royale movie. Actually there were certain missions like 00 and Bond had to complete them. One character was a terrorist as a banker and Bond was following him.

The terrorist was playing a poker game. Bond was the part of the MI6 intelligence agency. He took part in the game to follow the terrorist as his mission. This was the interesting point of the movie because the terrorist was a good player of poker. He was wishing to win his money. As the game started the Le Chiffre was a comparatively strong player. But Bond defeated him in poker.

The actual name of the movie is Casino Royale but is famous as Bond 007 Casino. The reason is the performance of Bond. He not only performed well but also earned a name in the film industry after this movie. There were some funny scenes in this show. They not only increased the entertainment but also improved the points of Bond. For example, he was awarded $0.5 million as tip. Want to know more about 007 Casino visit us: https://casino-korea.com/

Reviews about James Bond 007 Casino Royale

When you will read the reviews of people about Bond 007 casino, you will go and watch the movie. There are outstanding reviews of people about this show. The movie has broken world records. The car crash scene of the movie was a brilliant and outstanding show. Daniel Craig was the actual hero of this 007 casino royale movie. He performed the role of James Bond.

He did a lot of hard work for this movie. He gained about 20 pounds of his muscles for taking part and playing the role of Bond. He was already having a good body because of the showbiz industry. Similarly, he was a rugby player. He was having a comparatively better body condition because of rugby. But again he gained his muscles for shooting.

The other interesting fact was no involvement of popular casinos. People praised it very much. For the role of poker, the producer hasn’t shown any brand of casino. He was able to ask for branding and investment but he didn’t. After the popularity of the movie, many people turned their names as 007 casino brands.

Role of James Bond

There were different missions of James Bond in the movie starting from 00. But the most famous one was 007 casino missions. He traveled to Uganda to chase a terrorist in this mission. He was working in MI6 agency and performed the role of a spy in this mission. Surprisingly Bond has investigated without the involvement of an agency. He didn’t care about rules and regulations. He worked independently and this was the actual reason for popularity.

The Chiffre was a terrorist. Bond investigated that he is taking part in poker at Royale Casino to raise money. He has taken part in this game. 007 was actually a code for this game. Therefore the movie became famous as 007 Casino Royale James bond.

One of the officers of MI6 was selling the secrets of the agency. His name was Dryden. He pointed a gun on the Bond. They exchanged some dialogues. He was comparatively in a better position. But in the end, Bond successfully killed him. This is the reality of all movies as heroes always win from worse situations. Therefore he was called a hero.

The interesting scene was in Madagascar. James was again playing the role of a spy but at a different place. Moreover, he was chasing a terrorist named Mollaka. Mollaka was also a famous terrorist like Chiffre. He was playing a gambler in a fight, unlike Chiffre. Mr. Carter was helping Bond as an agent of MI6. Carter was actually following Mollaka.

Bond chased Mollaka over many buildings because he was running. In short, he killed him in front of the guards of the embassy and escaped with the help of a gas explosion. He not only killed him successfully but also took secret information. This information helped him to chase Chiffre.

Involvement of CIA

The CIA was also involved in this movie. They were also chasing Chiffre because he was a terrorist at the world level. The CIA also sent a spy in poker games to chase and caught Chiffre. When Bond lost from Chiffre the same agent helped him to enter again in the game. In this way, the CIA was involved along with MI6 in the 007 casino mission.

The CIA agent named Felix Leiter was also playing poker. He was a comparatively poor player. Therefore he offered Bond to play again instead of him. He offered it to Bond because he believed that only Bond can defeat the Chiffre. He asked Bond to play and give Chiffre to the CIA. He played wisely and raised money. When Bond becomes a threat to the Chiffre, he poisoned him with digitalis.

Bond moved towards the MI6 for treatment and recovered. In short Bond and Chiffre were again in front of each other at poker. This time there was a big game. The game was $120 million. The results were in front of all. Le Chiffre was a comparatively strong candidate and thinking about winning.

After that in another scene, Chiffre kidnapped Bond. He was demanding a password for money but at this point, another person entered here. Mr. White who was the broker at the start opened the door. He shoots Le Chiffre after some dialogues. Bond was injured because of torture. Here the scene closed. Hence the 007 casino mission was completed by Mr. White. Both James Bond and Mr. Felix Leiter failed to catch or kill the Chiffre.

At the end

Miss Vesper visits Bond and confesses about their love. After that Bond resigned from his duty. But there was a problem with money. Some people attacked Vesper and Bond for money. Bond defended successfully but Vesper made suicide. She jumped in water; Bond picked her up but failed. Money was again in the hand of Mr. White. In this way, the 007 casino royale chapter closed after some other scenes.