There is no doubt that today mathematics permeates and dominates everything. Numbers, statistics, probabilities… Everything is monitored by mathematics, which for decades has become one of the most important areas of knowledge in the current era. So much so that technology companies do not hesitate to hire this professional profile to advance their projects and offer more efficient, sophisticated, and safe products.

But the influence of mathematics is not only for large technological projects based on Artificial Intelligence. Far from it. We use mathematics in our daily lives in many different acts. To go shopping, to make an economic transaction, to see the evolution of the statistics of a web page. Everything works with numbers. And now, a study has shown that mathematics also influences the games of real money online casinos on Internet.

Of course, logic and math skills help you play casino games, a person with this knowledge will have an advantage over those who have no idea how to calculate probabilities.

It is worth noting that not only numerical knowledge makes the gambler a professional in betting, but also his attitude, as well as understanding people’s behavior. Casino games have their degree of complexity but it is possible to decrease the loss, if you know what you are doing or start risking less.

It is surprising how much logic and mathematical skills help you play casino games, so great has been the impact of people who have the right knowledge and attitude.

The attack of these professionals on gambling houses has made casinos rob their security systems, to avoid losing money, as well as to anticipate the movements of chance.

Mathematicians take over casino games

The impact of the professionals of the numbers razing in the games of casino has been such, that in the year 2008 a movie referring to the topic was released, calls 21 Black Jack, in which a group of university students, of diverse branches of the mathematics, go to Las Vegas and manage to win a lot of money.

It is also observed that logic and mathematical skills help you play casino games since it is statisticians or mathematicians who usually write books so that you can become a professional gambler.

Even if their pages don’t contain any tricks to get money easily, they do open your understanding to understand the dynamics of gambling. Nowadays, you can get a lot of information on the Internet about how to be a professional gambler.

It also requires skills in understanding human behavior, as well as confidence in oneself and the safe game one is playing, only part of that confidence comes from knowledge, which not everyone possesses.

Casino games have their complexity, so if you’re not prepared to take risks for large amounts of money, it’s best not to participate because the chances of loss are high.

As simple as buying a book on Amazon, you will stop losing money on bets, as you only need a little information, which people with logical and mathematical skills have prepared in advance for their training in the world of betting.

The knowledge of risk and understanding it to such an extent that it forms part of the decision to gamble is one of the main differences that distinguish ordinary people from those who have a greater numerical understanding.

The recommendation is that all those people who are fascinated by the gambling world take the time to develop logical and mathematical skills to help you play casino games better and better.

Specifically, a study prepared by Miguel Córdoba Bueno, professor of Applied Mathematics at the CEU San Pablo University and published in the book “Anatomía del Juego. Un Análisis Comparativo de las posibilidades de ganar en los diferentes juegos de azar‘, details the impact of mathematics on games of chance and makes a comparison of which games and bets players are most likely to maximize their profits.

This book is based on the fact that the different games that exist in the market are “mounted” so that the organizer never loses. However, the author maintains that there are some games and bets that offer more probabilities of winning. The most advantageous game that exists is roulette when playing one or two possibilities such as odd and even or red and black.

In these cases, there is only 0.7% in favor of the casino, which allows the gambler to have a very high probability of winning. Usually, this is the game that offers the most chances of benefit for the players to the online casino as the rest offer really low odds for the users.

Thus, those who want to maximize their chances of winning in a game should make the so-called external bets that consist of betting only on the color of the box where the ball is going to fall, to which you can also add another type of bet such as betting on odd or even number.

In the rest of the games, there is little to scratch. For example, statistics say that 80% of the income of Las Vegas casinos comes from slot machines, which shows the low possibilities of winning that exist in this type of casino game. That’s why it’s advisable to be prudent when betting and always keep a spending limit that never puts the player’s personal economic situation in trouble.

The book, thus, reaches a series of conclusions. On the one hand, it is that the organizer of the game always wins and that throughout history there has always been a tendency to play from the origins of the human being, as it is the example of the tabas that are considered as the antecedent of the dice. Likewise, the author of the book defends the intervention of the State to organize and regulate this type of game to avoid the emergence of mafias as it happens in the movies.

Precisely, the Government has been regulating online gambling for years in Spain with the aim of protecting the most sensitive groups, such as people with disabilities, minors or gambling addicts, by creating new taxes or limiting advertising, as happened this year with the declaration of the state of alarm.