Weed has been smoked recreationally for longer than you remember. The main boom in marijuana in the USA came when the Mexican workers began taking jobs over the border in the early 20th century. Soon it was seen by the authorities as the ‘root of all evil’ and many a President of the USA has proclaimed a war on drugs.

Of course, users know that cannabis is no more harmful than smoking tobacco and may indeed have benefits that now frowned upon substance never had. Furthermore, the cost of prosecuting people for possession was prohibitive, and states recently began legalizing cannabis and benefiting from the tax on such. Let’s have a look in more detail about the legalization of cannabis and what it means to you before we go on to look at smoking vs. vaping weed.

Legalization of Cannabis

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in the following states, but there are differences in each case: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. It is also legal in the District of Columbia.

Many other states allow it for medicinal use, and it has been decriminalized in most. However, it’s worth checking out the details. In California, for example, you may have up to 1oz on your person and grow six plants in the home for your own or commercial use. In Maine, you may carry up to 2.5oz and grow as many as 12 immature and 3 mature plants at any one time. Check your state for the latest news.

So, let’s consider which is best for you – vaping or smoking weed.

Vaping Weed – What to Know

The first thing you need to know is that to vape weed to the best effect you’ll need a dab pen for wax vaporizer use. This is a device that is an ‘entry-level’ vape gadget, and one that is easy to use, effective and cheap. These devices work by vaporizing the weed. The vape pen is a simple piece of kit shaped like a pen, with a battery that heats up a tiny coil that effectively atomizes the weed you put in the device.

This brings us to the main safety element of vaping weed: there is no smoke, and as a result, none of the problems or dangers that come with smoke we will mention in the section on smoking weed.

There are a few things to know about vaping weed. You will more than likely be using a ‘dab’ which is a concentrated amount of marijuana. This is placed in the dab pen and vaporized either when you take a draw or when you press a button. The advantage is a concentrated cloud of vapour that gives you a quick hit.

Another advantage is that dab pens are often adjustable as to the power and heat of the hit you take, so you can fine-tune your vaping to suit.

Before we move on to talk about smoking weed, you may have read of a scare not long ago in which serious lung diseases were linked to vaping. These cases were investigated and found to involve black market products that had Vitamin E Acetate as an ingredient. This is found in illegal THC vape products, so ensure you buy your vaping weed from a reputable retailer.

Smoking Weed – What to Know

The health risks with smoking weed are hotly debated, but it should be said that the main dangers come not from the weed itself, but from the carcinogens that may be present in the actual act of inhaling the smoke itself. The danger is the tar, a product of burning whether you are smoking weed or tobacco.

Tar is a harmful substance that will build up in the lungs and has been linked to cancer. This is why tobacco smoking is banned in many places and is now not socially acceptable. A marijuana smoker will naturally hold the smoke in place longer than a tobacco smoker to ensure a better hit. This enhances the possibility of tar deposits.

However, many people prefer to smoke their weed the traditional way using dried leaves. It is a potent method of getting the desired hit and a simple way of smoking weed, but it may be the more dangerous option potentially. Also, if you are new to using weed – and many people are starting to enjoy it more now the threat of legal action is no more – you may find smoking harder to get to grips with, especially if you do not smoke tobacco. Vaping, on the other hand, is an easier method to take up.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of each method before we wrap up.

Which is Best – Smoking or Vaping Weed?

Let’s be frank: we know that smoking is dangerous, and we’ve outlined why above. That’s to say that smoking any substance is dangerous, whether it’s tobacco, weed, or CBD. The tar and the smoke itself are the problems. But we have to add that it remains the choice of ingesting marijuana for many users. That’s your choice, but medically you remain more prone to lung diseases and damage, and cancer than if you do not smoke.

When vaping weed the dangers of tar and smoke are eliminated, and while there is research ongoing that states there may be some dangers in vaping, the main problems that have been investigated so far are those that have involved illegal THC products bought on the black market. It cannot be said for sure that vaping is 100% safe – the intake of any drug never is as there can be reactions – but there is a consensus that thanks to its very nature vaping weed is safer than smoking it the traditional way.

Our advice is to find a reputable retailer whichever method you use, as the quality of your weed will be guaranteed, and if possible, enjoy your weed to the full while remaining as safe and healthy as you can.