As a stockholder, one of the smartest decisions is to invest in technology you believe in. The reason behind this is because technology advances rapidly as a result small problems in the system are fixed quickly. The tech industry is a good place to invest in as the chances to see a return are realistic.

Moreover, a good place to invest in right now within the tech industry is 5G stocks. 5G is the future of wireless networks and many renowned companies have already started investing in 5G stocks.

If you are curious to know which 5G stocks are the most promising, here is a list of 5G stocks for you to follow.

1. Qualcomm’s need for Wireless Network

Qualcomm is a company that provides products and services related to wireless technology and 5G’s potential reach far beyond just a phone network that is why 5G is beneficial for their future operations.

Previously, they had focused on 3G and 4G and since 5G takes the wireless connection to a whole new level, there is no reason why Qualcomm would not try to hop on this bandwagon as well.

As new promises to mend the shortcomings of 5G, which is shown in a nobsimreviews article on 5g, Qualcomm has even more reason to show its interest in it.

2. 5G Changing Telecommunications with Verizon Communications

Even though 5G wireless connections functions reach far beyond just telecommunications, telecom companies are still going to be some of the biggest beneficiaries of 5G.

Among telecommunications companies, Verizon Communications holds the most promise in terms of stocks for the 5G network. Verizon has expanded its ownership of key 5G spectrum bands and thus, has control over a considerable amount of millimeter-wave spectrum.

In other words, Verizon’s stability with 5G is ensured with its high staying power. And this high staying power is a result of its spectrum bands which makes it a promising company to invest your money in.

3. Marvell Technology and 5G Network

Marvell Technology is a semiconductor company that will depend on the functions of the 5G wireless network. The company has a reputation for its contribution and usage of fast-growing areas in the tech industry, such as AI and cloud storage. That means the 5G network should not be an exception.

However, what makes Marvell Technology special when it comes to 5G stocks? Marvell has struck up a deal with Samsung to help power more 5G base stations which is detrimental for the survival of 5G in other companies.

The reason why it is so important is that one of the most prominent flaws of 5G is its problems with connectivity and its need for an excessive number of bases. As Marvell Technology will be receiving aid for bases, it already gives them a huge upper hand in their operations with a 5G network.

4. Apple, the Lead of the Tech Industry

If you know anything about the tech industry, you most probably have heard of Apple. The creators of the famous iPhones specialize in providing consumer electronics and computer software.

As one of the leading phone manufacturing companies, you can expect them to be at the top of their game. So obviously, they have also planned to release 5G-enabled iPhones in the future. In fact, four different models supporting 5G are expected to be released soon.

If you are the type of stockholder who likes to keep things safe, Apple is your best bet even during unprecedented times. Apple has a reputation for releasing top of the line products and many people blindly believe in the quality of Apple.

That is why investing in Apple stocks is the safest bet you could take.

5. Boingo Solves 5G’s Indoor Connectivity Problems

Boingo, a WiFi provider, is one of the underdogs of the 5G network stocks. As previously mentioned, one of the 5G network’s biggest problems is its issues with connectivity. As 5G signals cannot penetrate through surfaces, using 5G inside is almost impossible.

However, Boingo did not let the limits of 5G stop them from taking advantage of one of the best wireless connections so far. Boingo has found a solution for using a 5G network indoors by using a distributed antenna system.

You might think that this will only work in theory, however, Verizon has already partnered with Boingo in 2019 to build hyper-dense 5G networks. It will then use Boingo’s distributed Antenna system and amplify Verizon’s millimeter waves to Boingo.

In short, Verizon and Boingo will combine their innovative skills together to tackle the shortcomings of the 5G network.

6. Macom Technologies is the Solution

When investing in 5G, why not take a glance at the technology that will make 5G work and also take a look at their producers? When 5G booms, companies like Macom Technologies who make the technology for 5G will see huge increases in revenue.

As a stockholder, anticipating the glory days of 5G networks and the technology behind them will lead you towards the fantastic returns.

However, Macom Technologies does not exactly build towers or bases for 5G rather, they make RF technology which helps boost station infrastructure for the 5G network. To explain this briefly, RF antennas are important additions to each base station for Massive MIMO to work. This enables enhanced wireless connection without burning out single antennas.

In other words, the technology from Macom Technologies is used to upgrade base stations for 5G networks which is why this company would be one of the beneficiaries in the boom of the 5G network.

Final Thoughts

As a stockholder, the 5G network is not something you would want to look past, thinking that the craze will die down later after its initial popularity. Even though 5G is often compared to its predecessors, 3G and 4G, their functions are incomparable as 5G’s speed is revolutionary.

That is why the 5G network is not limited to just telecom companies, instead, this network could bring huge changes in all aspects of technology using wireless connections. For example, it could even be used in the technology behind remote surgeries because of its astounding speed.

If 5G is something you do not want to forego, by using this list hopefully you will find the best companies to invest in.