You simply cannot underestimate the impact that dogs can have on our lives. They are without a doubt among the best pets out there for us to choose from, and a lot of people will tell you they are the best of all.

The love they give us is unconditional, and the walks we take them on can end up turning into some of the best adventures ever. Even the movies made about dogs can be some of the most heartwarming and tear-jerking of all, which highlights the impact they can have on us that I mentioned.

All of this means that we need to take care of our dogs in the best ways possible. A lot of people have dogs, and very unfortunately not all of them take proper care of their pets. I’m sure you’re not one of them because the simple fact is that these people don’t deserve to own a pet of any kind.

Now, there are a variety of ways to go about making sure your dog’s life is a luxury one, and that’s why I’m here to help you today. Here’s a 2020 guide to treating your dog right.

Get them the best harness possible

Leashes and harnesses are key contraptions when it comes to taking care of our dogs. Obviously, when they’re home with you they won’t need them, but when you go out on walks the chances are you will.

We all know it’s nice to let your dog off the leash at certain points on a walk, but the chances are there will be a few locations where it will either be required to keep them on a leash or where it will simply be the smart thing to do. That’s why you need to do some research into finding the best equipment for them.

Now, there are different kinds of leashes and harnesses that are good for specific types of walks. What if, for example, you’re going on a hike and your dog is coming with you? In a scenario like this, a hiking harness for your dog will be a lot handier than an ordinary leash for a number of reasons.

They’ll be a lot more comfortable, for starters, and they’ll have a lot more support than they would have with a normal leash- and that would be required for hikes like this. They may even look flashy, as well, if you choose a good one! Click here to learn more about the best dog harness for hiking.

Get them the best food

Dogs are just like us in the fact that they love to eat. Depending on the kind of dog you have, as well, they may eat a huge amount every day and you may have to spend a fair amount each week on food. That’s why you have to have a good think about a few things when it comes to the food you buy.

First off, how much are you going to spend? If you do have to buy pretty regularly, it may be smart to find cheap food that won’t set you back a significant amount. Don’t spend too little, though, as it could end up with your dog receiving below-par meals.

You should also have a think about the types of food your dog enjoys. There are plenty of kinds of dog food out there and the chances are that your dog has a specific favorite. Now, you may like to buy them this all the time.

On the other hand, there may be benefits to giving them it sparingly. It could, for instance, be tough on their teeth and they could benefit from eating softer foods on a more regular basis. Then, when they behave well, you can give them their favorite food as a reward. It’s all about figuring out what your dog likes and making sure they eat well.

Take them on lots of walks

It’s a well-known fact that dogs love going on walks- in fact, if you don’t know this then you shouldn’t have a dog. Different dogs require different lengths and frequencies when it comes to taking them on walks (huskies, for instance, need to walk miles each day) and you need to make sure you know these facts about your pet.

If you don’t already have a dog, make sure you look up the typed of walks they need before you buy so that you’re prepared. If you already have one, make sure you’re sticking to these rules and that you don’t get lazy.

You could also try to spice things up with your dog every so often. Don’t just take them on the same walk over and over again- not only will they get bored, but you probably will too. Instead, look for new places to take them. Even if you’re going away on an adventure with your family or friends (hiking or long nature walks) consider taking your dog with you. They’ll enjoy the excitement a great deal and you’ll enjoy their company as well.

Take them for a professional wash

It’s pretty well known that you’ll probably need to clean your dog yourself on a regular basis- unlike cats, they don;t always take care of themselves in such pristine fashion. It’s pretty easy to give them a bath in and around your house, and that’s probably what you do on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, but sometimes it can be nice to change things up.

That’s where taking them for a real pamper session could come in handy if you really want to treat them. There are a lot of places out there where you can take your dog to have a proper bath, soap and shampoo and all, to make them feel as clean as they ever have. They could have a haircut, get their paws cleaned, and even given a whole new look if that’s what you want. 2020 is the year to properly treat your dog.