When it comes to managing your office, one of the things you try to avoid is leaving when you don’t need to. Losing sight of the day to day tasks that could have been performed in other ways can lead to problems in the short or long term. There are simple ways to mitigate this problem and solutions that can help keep you where you need to be during the working day. Follow these hacks that will ensure you only leave the office when you want to.

Online ordering

One of the more tedious tasks that may take you out of the office unnecessarily is getting office supplies. Instead of leaving to stock up on pens or getting parts for the printers, look online for your solution. Most suppliers make it very easy to order printer cartridges online, amongst a lot of other suppliers. Whether it is stationary, consumables or printing parts, there is a supplier who will take your order online and delivery to your door. Sometimes even on the same day. Instead of leaving the office, make sure it is fully stocked by ordering and receipting from the comfort of your desk.

Bulk orders

Items such as consumables can be a pain to restock, largely because it probably feels like you do it all the time. Depending on the size of your office, and the rate at which staff enjoys coffee and biscuits, you might be doing just that. If your office has the capacity to do so, try ordering in bulk from one supplier. Consumables such as coffee, tea, and food are usually cheaper in bulk and make leaving the office to refill almost completely avoidable. The odd milk run will probably be needed, but those weekly or fortnightly trips can be a thing of the past. Stock up for a good amount of time and get back to the work that is a lot more urgent.

Go full service

If constantly ordering is taking up too much of your time, or if you are prone to forgetting, then maybe consider going full service with a supplier. Avoid the forgetfulness and the ire of your staff when missing order by getting your suppliers rep in to reorder for you. Suppliers of consumables and office stock often offer a service whereby their representative will attend your office on an agreed schedule to reorder the necessary items. A lot of businesses worry about over-consumption with this arrangement, but you can set the minimum and maximum order numbers, so they will only ever restock to a level mutually agreed. Utilizing this kind of service will ensure the office is stocked and your time completely freed up to focus on the bottom line.


Delegation isn’t a dirty word. In fact, it is a great way to instill trust in your staff. If ordering stock and consumables is taking up too much of your time, then consider delegating to a staff member hungry for more responsibility. Simply passing the buck onto the next person down in the chain isn’t going to be well-received. Instead, look throughout your business for someone who is looking for a chance to take on more work. It could be the casual or part-time staff member, or it could be the office junior who wants to impress. Delegation is an opportunity to build trust and help individuals demonstrate hunger at work.

Stocking the office is no cup of tea. If forgotten, then staff can become disenfranchised quite quickly. If you are forgetful or have a full plate, consider using some of these simple tips to keep the office stocked and you at your desk.