While everyone is quarantined, tech firms are stamping new applications. After all, now people spend more and more time behind phones and tablets – now in 42 states residents are advised not to go out. Even in Monaco Police enforce lockdown with 3,500 checks this weekend.

Tech companies are adapting to the new realities, where everyone sits in quarantine. That’s why they’re developing segments that used to be stored in a long box. For example, Facebook launched a version of Messenger for computers, which was going to be made in 2016.

More risky projects are also starting, such as a streaming service for Quibi phones, which is largely designed to watch the show on the road, although traffic is now kept to a minimum.

Here are a few important novelties that Silicon Valley has to offer:

Smartphone streaming service In the U.S., we launched the first mobile phone streaming service – Quibi.

The company has attracted $1.8 billion from investors and hopes to compete with Netflix and YouTube.

The show from Quibi will last about 10 minutes and the platform is optimized for different ways of viewing: both landscape and portrait. And when you turn the screen, the video will not be cropped. Some shows even encourage viewers to turn the device in the middle of the viewing experience to see the video from a different perspective.

Lovers app from Facebook

Facebook has launched the Tuned app for couples’ personal communication. Here they can share music or create their own album of shared photos and memories. The developers call it a “personal space” for lovers. There is now an iOS-only version.

The application connects to Spotify (so you can share your music). Users can send each other photos, notes, postcards and voice messages. As with most messengers, there are stickers and reactions.

Tuned is free for now. You don’t have to have a Facebook account to use it. However, users accept the Facebook user agreement. This means that their data can be used for advertising targeting.


Facebook Messenger finally has its own computer app that makes it easy to exchange messages. In addition, it is now easier to create video chats with friends and family.

The application is available in Microsoft Store and App Store. It allows you to send messages to your friends and start a video call like in the mobile version. It also has a dark mode. As with other apps, you can enable alerts and video conferencing in Messenger.

Launching the application coincided with the fact that one of the main services for video chats – Zoom – faced huge privacy problems: its settings and protection are not the most secure.

Google Games

Google launches a free version of its Stadia streaming game service. Anyone who has Gmail can register. Now the company even provides a free trial version of Stadia Pro for two months (they may know something about quarantine duration).

Even existing Stadia Pro customers will get free access for two months. This option is available not only in the USA but also in other 14 countries.