How to Stop Making These 5 Mistakes with SAFe® Agilist Training


It is widely known to all that it is human to make mistakes, but sometimes even a single mistake can cost one a huge loss in their respective careers. The human nature is predictable, and people blindly follow trends even in the areas of online certifications. Thus, it is evident that in this competitive world, one will easily be washed out of the scene due to crowding, and there will be little scope for success. The correct accreditation gives way for the correct career path. The right career brings in success and happiness for professionals. Still, it is mostly observed that there are a few common blunders among the candidates which make them unsuccessful or rather less successful than their contemporaries. However, there is always a silver lining to this, and one can achieve success in their careers by avoiding five crucial blunders.

There is no dearth of online courses and certifications on this planet. The wide option of certifications that one can get makes an individual completely puzzled and also confused. The key to success lies in the selection of the correct course, which would provide apt certification for an individual. The best way to achieve this is by sitting and analyzing which are the correct tools and platforms in this area. There is always a scope of wrong selection. These mistakes are best avoided by following certain simple things. The best part is that once the correct certification is in the hands of the candidate, there is no way that the candidate can fail. There is always a way out to the most difficult problems as well, and if one can follow the next few steps, they will be able to avoid the five common mistakes in taking the leading SAFe® Certification.

Unequal weightage

Often individuals make the mistake of putting unequal weightage to the practical and the theoretical concepts. With Leading SAFe® Certificate, there is always a chance of having the correct amount of the weightage in both the cases and also it is going to give a lot of success.

Not Being Aware of the ‘Retake Exam’ Policy

The retake policy is one of the main concepts that are not many students are aware of. The certificate under Leading SAFe® gives the students the chance to retake their exams if the result is not satisfactory. They can retake the exam at $50. One can take the second attempt right after being unsuccessful in the first one, and one needs to wait for at most ten days for retaking the exam for the third time. However, if one wishes to take the exam for the fourth time, there would be a waiting period of 30 days.

Being Absent in the Practice Tests 

Being present in the practice tests is of utmost importance, and many students make the common mistake of being absent in the practice tests. The accreditations in Leading SAFe® give plenty of opportunities for doing the practice tests.

Lack of Quality Training 

If a candidate thinks that they will get away without being mentored by Scaled Agile persons, then it can be said that they are wrong. One needs coaching and guidance and Leading SAFe® gives the opportunity for being trained under the guidance of a Scaled Agile Inc. approved trainer who has strong experience.

Improper Application of the Certificate

Many people do not have the idea of how to utilize their certifications. Leading SAFe® gives a strong platform where one can apply their certifications aptly and also they can have the correct guidance on how to use this within their network of organizations and across team members. It can be said that not pursuing the course from Leading SAFe® is the biggest mistake. This certificate is well valued by many top-notch companies, and the candidates are able to earn about $98k per annum as remuneration on average.

Thus it is always safe to go for the SAFe® Agilist Training as it gives a wide platform as well as one is guided by Scaled Agile trainers. Leading SAFe® has a good network of organizations, and the certificate is validated. There are also options for renewing the certificates, and it can be said that the individuals going for the certified courses are benefited a lot. There will be a lot of things that the candidates would get with respect to the various types of online programs that they pursue through this medium.