200degrees (CC0), Pixabay

Online shopping is convenient and makes our lives easy by not having to physically shop. However, most of us may have been disappointed after seeing that the shirt does not fit properly. So, next time you shop online, you must go through a few things. Here are the top eight things you should consider before you purchase a dress online.

Know Your Size

By now you probably are familiar with the sizes from stores you frequently shop from. It is true that every brand has a slight change in size than the others. Usually, you check by going to the dressing room, but if it is your first time buying anything from a specific store, then you definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of exchanging the product for a different size and having to wait for the right size to be delivered.

The good news is that you can always request a size guide online. So before you click “Buy Now,” make sure that you get in touch with their customer support rep and have them send the size chart to you. This way, you will be able to judge measurements by checking it against your own.

Go Through Reviews

Valuable information can be found through reviews from customers. Reviews justify the service that online boutiques offer. You can easily look for comments on the quality of material and shipment. Sometimes, you may even find out if they deliver true to size or you need to order a size up or down from your existing one. A piece that looks excellent in a photo may not look the same once you receive, this is not because the store is advertising something different, but simply because the product shoot involves immense lighting which makes some articles look different.

Go Through the Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are technical and important. They reveal information about the product you plan to buy. If you want to make sure that the material is made from responsibly sourced materials, this is where you may find the answer.

Search for the Right Pictures

You don’t have to judge a piece by the way it looks on a hanger. If you can find pictures of it on the runway or donned on a model, that is where you make your choice, but that is how you will find how the dress rests on the body. You can even choose to only shop from sites that go the extra mile to shoot fashion videos of their items to give audiences a better idea of how their clothes would look on them.

Check the Store Policy

You want to particularly check out the return policy. You may have followed all the right things to do when buying items online, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the return policy. You want to see if they offer free returns, or if there is any restocking fee for items that you have requested.

One Last Glance at the Cart

Don’t just buy everything that you put in your cart. In fact, you must realize that it is very likely that you may have made some impulse purchases. The best things about online retailers is that you can always save items in your cart, and just before you pay, you can always go through the cart and see what you want and remove whatever you don’t want.

What is the Material Like

When you are not in a brick and mortar store, it is difficult to tell the material a company uses. You don’t want to buy something that feels too rough on your skin when you put it on. When you can’t touch the fabric, you will not be able to tell just by a picture what it feels like.

The best way to go about this is to go to your existing closet and feel the materials that you like, and the ones that you don’t like as much. Note their fabric composition and then check it against your choices in the online cart. This will likely help you in the future as well.

Accept that it won’t be the same

It is important to know that the clothes you ordered may not necessarily look the same as they did on the site. This is not true for the shape or texture but definitely for the color, unless you buy solid colors in materials such as wool. That being said, an experienced online shopper will know that this leeway is only given to maybe a 10% hue difference at most, if it is totally different from the color you chose, then you must send it back for an exchange or a refund.

Shopping online may seem easy, but not if it’s your first time. You must go through several things like the ones mentioned above before you make a purchase. Once you are satisfied with online shopping, then you can make many purchases just by sitting at home!