Do you want to make a great first impression? You should try wearing watches. Here is what wearing mechanical wristwatches say about you.

Did you know every time you meet someone new, you have approximately seven seconds to make a first impression? This might seem shocking, but that’s all it takes for the human brain to assess who you are as a person.

Since this is barely enough time to introduce yourself, you’ll have to let other things, like your body language and the way you dress, do the talking for you.

You might be shocked to know that the simple act of wearing a mechanical wrist watch can make a huge difference in many aspects of your life. In fact, there are some suggestions that wearing a watch can even make you more successful at work!

How confident are you in the impressions you make? Could your personal style use a little LTC? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Here’s everything you need to know about the why and how of adding a wristwatch to your personal look.

Why Wear a Mechanical Wrist Watch?

While everybody loves cool gadgets like smartwatches, there’s something to be said for the classic mechanical watch. Here are four reasons a traditional watch is a better choice.

1. Simplicity  

When you’re wearing a smartwatch, everything you need is literally right at your fingertip. Unfortunately, this can create a tremendous amount of unnecessary distraction. Choose a simple mechanical watch, and you’ll use it for one thing only: telling time.

2. Professionalism

With the rise in popularity of social media, many companies have banned the use of smart devices in the workplace. A simple, classic watch gives you an air of professionalism and helps keep you out of hot water.

Not only that, when you’re wearing a smartwatch, your boss or colleagues might think you’re answering a text or checking Facebook when you really just wanted to check the time! This is an awkward situation you’ll definitely want to avoid.

3. Affordability

With the average cost of smartwatches ranging anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, affordability is certainly a concern. Although traditional luxury watches can cost far more than that, there are plenty of great mechanical options available for a fraction of what you’ll pay for a smartwatch.

4. Style

One of the greatest advantages of a mechanical watch is the sense of style it conveys. Since most people can easily find out the time by looking at their smartphone, a wristwatch is a luxury.

Accessorizing your outfits automatically makes you look fashionable and more put-together. Throwing on a watch each morning is an easy way to accomplish this without having to overthink it. There are also so many different styles of watch available, you can always choose one that reflects your personal sense of style.

How to Wear a Watch Properly

Unfortunately, simply buying a watch isn’t enough to make you look successful and stylish. There are some simple fashion guidelines you’ll need to follow.

1. Choose a Style That Compliments You

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing a watch that doesn’t look good on their wrist. Pay attention to the size of your wrist and choose a flattering face-shape.

One of the most common mistakes people make is choosing a watch face that is so large it looks awkward. Beware of this when you’re shopping for your next new watch.

2. Make Sure the Band Fits Properly

Your wrist watches should appear comfortable. Don’t wear one that’s super-tight or that is so lose it looks sloppy. As a general rule, men’s wrist watches should move about an inch up and down your wrist. Women’s watches should fit like a bracelet.

3. Wear Your Watch Against Your Wrist Bone

Don’t make the mistake of wearing your watch in the wrong place. The face should always sit right against your wrist bone.

Your watch should rarely show under a long-sleeved shirt when your arm is straight. Also always avoid wearing your watch over your shirt cuff.

4. Be Mindful of Where You’re Going

A watch almost always adds a sense of style, but you must make sure it’s appropriate for where you’re going. Ideally, you’ll want three types of watches.

If you own a casual, everyday watch, a durable sports watch, and a formal watch, you’ll be prepared for any occasion.

2019 Watch Design Trends

Just like any other fashion piece, some watch styles are always on-trend, and others come and go. Here are a few of the most popular watch designs for 2019.

Vintage Vibes

Retro is in right now, and you’ll see this reflected in the many timepieces that reflect a vintage vibe. This time, though, they have a modern twist. Expect an old-school look with new features like leather bands you can change out and bracelet-style links that are easy to resize.

Ultra-Thin Timepieces

Bigger isn’t always better. Gone are the days when everyone wanted a heavy, hulking wristwatch. Instead, thin watches are super trendy right now. Watch for this trend to continue as designers compete to see who can create the lightest, thinnest version.

Think Pink

Many of the hottest watch designers released similar pieces this year, all sporting shades of pink. These trendy wrist watches are styled for both men and women. They feature faces in salmon, dusty pink, and the color of the year, living coral.

Blue Is the New Black

Another huge design trend we’ve seen this year is a move away from traditional black and toward a trendy all-blue style. While blue has been trending for several years, 2019s designs take it to a new level. Look for all-blue designs that include the band, face, and hands.

Back to Basics

In a backlash against the uber-expensive smartwatches, some designers are going back to basics. Look for affordable watches sporting classic materials like steel.

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