Dryer not heating? After putting your washed clothes there, you notice that it’s not working.

Definitely, you’ll be disappointed. You have loads of dirty clothes to wash. And lots of household work to do.

If something gets in the way like your dryer, not heating, you should find out what went wrong. Do a spot check first before calling a technician because sometimes, the reasons can be manageable.

It can be possible that the dryer is not plugged, the dryer’s door is not locked, or the lint screen, dryer vent, or lint trap is clogging the heating part. If one of these is the reason, you can quickly solve it on your own.

Here are the possible causes why your dryer is not heating:

Clothes from the washer are too wet.

Sometimes, it’s not the dryer’s problem why it is not heating but the washer. The clothes from the washer may be too wet because the washer is not draining it well.

This problem is making it hard for the dryer to do its job. Fully wet clothes are difficult to dry.

If you encounter this issue, check not only the dryer but the washer as well. If you continue to have the issue, call a technician.

Uneven load.

One reason why your dryer is not heating up is uneven loading. If you put mixed types of fabrics, it will be difficult for the dryer to work.

Just imagine your towels stacked with bedsheets. It pushes the dryer to work harder and harder, causing it to stop working.

Sort clothes and other types of fabrics by size. Put small sizes together so as not to overwork the dryer. Make sure also that they are not that wet.

No gas or electric supply.

If there is no electric or gas source, it’s really impossible for your washer to start. The main source of dryers comes from a 240-volt circuit from two 120-volt lines.

One breaker runs the motor while the other powers the heating. Reset if one of the two lines is tripped.

There’s also the probability that it is not getting the right voltage. Check if the dryer is plugged.

Make sure that the circuit breakers are in the right positions. All the fuses must be in place.

When the gas is off, there’s no chance for the dryer to work. Check these possibilities.

The lint screen is clogged.

A clogged lint screen can prevent proper airflow. Dirty lint screen can also prevent the drying cycle.

Clean the lint screen with hot water and soap. Scrub it with a soft toothbrush.

Blocked vent.

If the dryer is not heating, it may be due to a blocked vent. Check if it is clogged.

Hire a dryer service that cleans the ductwork to the exterior. They can also disconnect each section to clean everything. They can use an electric leaf blower to blow lint and debris through the duct and exterior parts.

Faulty thermostat.

When the exhaust vent on the dryer is blocked, hot air stays in the dryer. It causes the high limit thermostat to trip. The electricity will stop flowing to the gas valve.

A blocked vent system can stop the high limit thermostat from working. The dryer will not heat. Technicians usually use a multimeter to check the thermostat for continuity.

If your dryer is malfunctioning, it may also be due to defective parts such as:

  • Faulty thermal fuse
  • Broken thermostat
  • Broken heating element
  • Defective timer motor

Some people may try to find out what’s wrong with their dryer without calling the help of a professional technician. However, if you have tried all your best to fix it and nothing works, you should call an expert technician who has the experience in repairing a dryer.

There are many reliable experts that you can find online. Make sure to research and check reviews. You can also seek referrals from your family and friends.

Ask their experience and how the provider has helped them in solving the dryer issue. When calling a provider, ask how long they have been in the service. Ask if their technicians have undergone training and are certified.

It is easy to get technicians to fix your dryer. But you should get reliable and skilled technicians who can really help why your dryer is not heating.