Life is full of unexpected accidents, be it a rear-end car wreck or a slip and fall at the mall. Whether the accident is big or small, these unfortunate events can be major setbacks resulting in personal injuries with devastating repercussions. High hospital bills, strained family members, and lost work can bring a happy life to a screeching halt. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligent behavior or actions, you are a victim and may have a valid personal injury case.

Personal injury lawsuits are all around us, and learning to recognize the circumstances of a wrongful injury is essential to taking action at the right time. When the injuries go ignored, a trickle-down effect seeps into all aspects of a victim’s life, causing lasting damage and trauma.

But personal injuries don’t have to derail a life or career. In fact, the right lawyer can arm you with the tools you need to recover and rebound from a personal injury.

Take a moment to learn about the most common personal injury cases below, and be prepared when accidents happen. Take hold of the unexpected nature of life by learning about these common accidents, and what to do when disaster strikes.

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Vehicle accidents

Be it a fender bender or a totaled car, vehicle accidents are traumatic and hardly uncommon. According to ASIRT (Association for Safe International Travel), over 2 million people are injured in vehicle crashes each year in the US alone.

Whether you commute by car, truck, or motorcycle, all drivers are exposed to dangerous circumstances. Sometimes this can look like a rear-end collision resulting in herniated spinal discs. In order to mend and heal the injured spine, years of surgery, therapy, and hospital bills are required.

Or perhaps your accident involves a semi-truck that side-swiped you on the highway, leading to a chronic neck and shoulder injury.

As a motorcyclist, maybe you were wrongfully struck when another vehicle ran a stop sign, resulting in broken bones and physical therapy.

Though tragic and painful, wrongful injuries resulting from vehicle accidents don’t have to go ignored. Someone else’s actions are not your fault, and you have the right to recover monetary damages to alleviate your pain and suffering.

Medical malpractice

No one likes to spend unnecessary extra time in the hospital, but personal injuries incurred as a result of medical malpractice result in just that. Doctors are people too and can make mistakes, so don’t let those mistakes cause you undue harm.

Keep an eye out for medical negligence like in the examples below:

  • Inadequate post-care treatment after surgery
  • Surgical mistakes or wrong-site surgery
  • Failure to diagnose a condition or disease
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Superfluous or unnecessary surgery
  • Not warning a patient of known risks of medicine, surgery, or treatment
  • Incorrect treatment or dosage of medicine
  • Premature hospital discharge
  • Inaccurately reading or reporting laboratory results

Medical malpractice can result in catastrophic health consequences. As a potential victim, be vigilant of medical malpractice and don’t be afraid to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Workplace injuries

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but a lasting injury can result from some of the most common workplace circumstances, like driving on the job, climbing a ladder, lifting boxes, and even undertaking extra mental stress.

Construction and industrial accidents are the most common. Ironworkers, rail workers, electricians, painters, and plumbers are all exposed to harmful environments. Whether you’re injured by a large piece of machinery, inhaled a toxic chemical, or suffered an accident running an errand for the boss, these all fall under the umbrella of workplace injuries.

Though job dangers can sometimes end a career, a new life is often born when the victim receives the compensation they deserve from workplace injuries.

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Slip & Fall

We all know the recognizable look of the yellow triangular signage reading “Caution: Wet Floor,” often seen in shopping malls, grocery stores, or any public place with tile floors. Without those yellow signs, everyday shoppers can be in serious danger.

“Slip & fall” personal injury cases are defined as falls that result in injury when you’re on someone else’s property. When those yellow wet-floor signs aren’t displayed in public places and pedestrians don’t take proper caution, falls and injuries can occur.

Slip and fall accidents aren’t reserved for just wet, slippery, or overly-waxed floors. In fact, Slip & fall cases can be a result of loose carpeting, bad lighting, cracked sidewalks, oil slicks, or concealed potholes. When the owner of a public property fails to mark these dangers, people can get hurt and injuries occur.

Being aware and avoiding obvious dangers can help prevent these accidents. But, when everyday vigilance isn’t enough and an injury happens, a Slip & fall attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries.

Other Personal Injury Cases

Remember, a personal injury is any injury incurred from someone else’s negligent actions. Though not as common, other types of personal injury lawsuits can include:

  • Cheerleading injuries: Lack of regulation in this highly athletic and dangerous sport can result in teenage injuries.
  • Police Misconduct: Though police officers are primarily working for the safety of the public, some officers can be corrupt or quick to provoke. These officers are often at the heart of unlawful arrests and excessive use of force. Victims of unnecessary police brutality fall under personal injury cases.
  • School violence: Today’s social and digital world can sometimes create a harmful environment for developing youths, resulting in bullying and hazing that leaves deep mental scars. Personal injury cases aren’t necessarily always physical, they can be mental too.
  • Dog bite: When pet owners are not responsible for their animals, accidents can occur. Certain breeds and backgrounds can result in a propensity for violence for some dogs. Whether it be at a dog park or walking in your neighborhood, unprovoked dog bite accidents are not your fault.

No matter the personal injury case, the events that bring them about are traumatic and unfortunate. But with a compassionate and hardworking attorney, you can obtain the comforts you need to get through the difficult time of recovery.

For more information about personal injury lawsuits and the damages that you can recover, visit or seek out an experienced personal injury attorney in your area.