There’s no denying it: First impressions can make a huge impact, especially when it comes to selling a house. Experts suggest that potential buyers can form an opinion within 30 seconds of entering a home. But the game begins before they even step foot on your property.

Your curb appeal can inspire buyers to take a closer look — or make them want to skip your property and search elsewhere. How can you ensure that your curb appeal does its job? Here are a few helpful tips.

Update the front door

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to make your home stand out is to update your front door. Just a few coats of paint can make your door, and your entire property, stand out. Consider what colors coordinate best with the exterior of your home and give each of them a try. Ideally, there should be a contrast between your door and your home’s facade.

For example, if your home is gray and features black shutters, try painting the door red. If you’d like the house to look cozy, you could also add a wreath to the door or place a potted plant nearby.

Wash away the grime

To improve your curb appeal, it’s important to consider how clean the property looks. Over the years, dirt builds up and makes your home appear older than it actually is. The best way to get rid of the grime is to clean the exterior of your house with a power washer.

Start by trying an everyday garden hose to spray the exterior of your home, including your driveway and sidewalks. A hose might be the best option as power washers can sometimes lead to damage if not handled correctly.

Just make sure you don’t get water beneath your siding. And if you’re using a power washer, don’t get too close to the doorways or windows. High pressure can remove dirt, but it can also remove caulk.

Switch out your light fixtures

Does your home feature builder-grade light fixtures? Maybe you’ve changed them once before, but they’re now outdated. If so, it’s time to switch them out for something more up-to-date. Changing the lighting near your garage and front door is one of the best ways to brighten up the curb appeal.

You don’t always have to purchase a new fixture. If you’re on a budget, try painting your old ones. Painting your gold fixtures black can instantly give them a modern look.

If you do plan to install a new fixture, make sure that the breaker inside of your electric panel has been shut off. You’ll also want to perform live-wire testing before touching the wires to avoid injury.

Plant a wildflower garden

A great way to add color to your property and spice up your lawn is to plant a wildflower garden. Many homeowners who opt for artificial plants, but many buyers immediately spot the difference. With real plants, your home will look genuinely inviting and beautiful.

You don’t have to be a botanist to choose the plants that are right for you. There are companies like this that can help you choose the plants that will grow best in your specific area. In fact, this company can even offer you a specially designed blend for your region.

Clean up the driveway

The driveway will play a significant role in your curb appeal — believe it or not, your driveway can make or break the sale. There are a few things that you can do to make sure it always looks presentable.

Instead of storing your recycling and garbage containers in plain sight, place them behind a small fence or bush. If you notice small cracks in the driveway, patch or reseal them. Place your car in the garage so the buyer can get a better idea of how much driveway space they’ll have. You might also consider installing LED recessed lighting to illuminate the path.

Finally, if you have kids that like to play in the front yard, have them put their toys away in the garage every time they come inside. Keeping the driveway and yard clean will ensure you’re covered if prospective buyers drop by unexpectedly.

Inspect the gutters and roof

Your roofing and gutters can also be a deal-breaker, so it’s essential to check your roof for damage, moss, debris, and algae. You should also make sure that your gutters are clean and free of clogs.

The best time to do gutter maintenance is before winter or in the spring. Not only can this increase your number of buyers, but it will also prevent costly damage to both the exterior and interior of your home. You won’t have to worry about making repairs to the foundation or fixing a leaky roof.

Tidy up your house numbers

Have you ever noticed that your house numbers aren’t easy to see? They might be dirty or need a complete upgrade. This may seem like a small detail, but cleaning or switching out your street numbers can make a big impact.

Most homes have their house numbers on the mailbox. Use a disinfectant spray and a cloth to clean the numbers off, making them more visible. If your house number is only on one side of the mailbox, you might want to add the number to the other side as well.

Update the garage door

Just like your front door, the garage door can make a tremendous impression. It may capture the buyer’s attention even more since it’s larger and takes up more space.

A fresh coat of paint can help your garage door look presentable. Ideally, the color you choose for your garage door should be darker than that of your house. This is especially the case if your garage door features panel details.


While there’s a long list of things that you need to do if you’re interested in selling your home, working on your curb appeal should be the top priority if you want to make a great first impression. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and make the changes that will put a “Sold!” sign in your front yard.