If you are thinking about choosing an Internet service provider, you are reading the right thing. The biggest concern for most of the Internet users is running out of data at the end of the month. That is why Internet users prefer to subscribe to reliable high-speed internet service.

Such plans offer blazing-fast speeds without limiting the user’s data usage. So, before choosing an Internet service provider, you should know about all the top providers that offer no data cap perks along with their amazing plans.

Charter Spectrum

This provider is one of the best cable companies in the USA. It uses a very powerful coaxial network infrastructure to deliver its super-fast services across 41 states. It is currently serving millions of residential and business people through its crisp phone, TV, and Internet packages.

The best part about this provider’s services is that there are no data caps. So, by choosing any of the Internet plans, you can enjoy lightning-fast download and upload speeds without any fear of data overage charges. There’s also no limit to the number of movies and TV shows that you can download.

These Internet plans allow you to stay on budget as well. Since there are no data limits, so there will be no additional charges in your monthly cable bill. Another benefit of choosing this provider is that the service outage issues are few and far between.

Cox Communications

This is another big provider that offers a range of phone, TV, and Internet services. It offers its amazing services across 18 states. It uses both cable and fiber-optic technologies to deliver its crisp services to its customers.

Like Charter, this provider allows its customers to enjoy blazing-fast speeds without any fear of data caps. Although its plans are slightly more expensive the services are also of high quality. But if you want to stay on budget, this provider offers several bundling options as well.

This provider allows you to enjoy speeds up to 940 Mbps at affordable rates. You can enjoy unlimited streaming through its reliable plans like Internet Ultimate and Preferred extra. However, if you want to enjoy only occasional surfing, you can subscribe to packages like Cox Starter.


This provider offers its reliable services across only 4 states. The names of the states are Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Just like the other providers, it offers a range of Internet packages to its customers. So, customers can easily determine their needs and choose a plan according to them.

Its most basic plan starts at $39.99/month. This plan offers speeds of up to 300 Mbps to its users. But if you want to enjoy higher speeds like 1000 Mbps, then the prices will also significantly go up. But the best part about these plans is that they have no data caps.

This means that you can enjoy your favorite game sessions with your friends the whole day long. It also has a no-contract policy. You might want to move to a new location or want to switch to a different provider. You can do so easily without pay any early termination fees.

Cincinnati Bell

This provider offers its crisp services across 25 USA stats. The most popular states covered by it are Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. It was founded in 1873 and has been delivering quality services to its customers ever since.

It offers the best range of Internet packages to its customers. You can subscribe to a package with only 5 Mbps speeds at an affordable price. It uses three different kinds of technologies to deliver reliable speeds to its customers. These include fiber-optic, cable, and DSL extra.

So, depending upon your needs, you can easily choose a package. Just like other providers, this company also does not limit its users’ data usage. So, you can enjoy unlimited web surfing and streaming until the end of the month.


This company is another top Internet provider in the USA. It uses all three different kinds of technologies (fiber-optic, cable, and DSL) to deliver amazing services to its customers. It currently offers its services to its residential and business customers across 50 states.

But if you want to enjoy fiber-optic technology, then it is only available in 18 states. Its plans are more expensive than the plans offered by other providers. For instance, if you want to have 100 Mbps speeds at home, you’ll have to pay $55/month. The prices will also increase significantly after the promotional period is over.

But if you want to have quality services without considering the prices, then this provider is the ideal choice for you. Also, its higher bandwidth plans are much more economical than the plans offered by other providers.


Xfinity is a famous Internet provider that launched its services in 1981. It offers its services across 39 USA states. It mainly delivers its Internet services through a cable connection. Unfortunately, most of its packages have a 1TB data cap. But if you choose a plan like Gigabit Pro, you can enjoy unlimited Internet.

Disclaimer: The prices/offers mentioned in this article are only accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without any prior notice.