The PCB design is a highly competitive industry where every optimized design and efficient production system can revolutionize the way electronics perform. It is no wonder that software development in the field of PCB design is densely populated and a much sought after profession.

Software tools used to design PCB’s are not CAD tools, they go beyond drawing plates and lines. A good PCB design platform has to be able to integrate with PCB production systems and be capable of transferring directions from the source to the CAD machines as well as to real-time changes that can be made on the spot.

Atrium software is one such package; it is a comprehensive PCB design software platform that provides a comprehensive range of design tools as well as CAD integration. It goes beyond just CAD integration and is capable of connecting to test software that can take a new design and test it virtually.

Altium is a professional PCB design package that can be overwhelming to the less experienced PCB designer. The software package comes with a plethora of buttons and features that can overwhelm the inexperienced designer or first time user. Every feature is carefully selected and integrated into their package and provides an extremely in-depth and highly professional software design solution.

Altium provides online training to help new users, as well as experienced designs, fully comprehend all the systems functions for optimizing PCB design using their software. The system provides online tutorials on how to design flexible, and rigid-flex PCB’s as well as integrates materials that can withstand different temperature levels. All these features, when used correctly, can help any research and development team produce some leading-edge solutions.

Altium has a built-in design feature that allows you to run a full-scale simulation. The added bonus of this software package is that you can run mid design simulations and check how the design is performing as the development comes along. Curating and editing out errors, while finding optimized solutions can not only speed up the actual design process but reduce the percentage of QC rejections down the road. The simulation process is not only for an individual PCB design, but it can also be integrated into a whole circuit system and processed to see how the new design performs when in a comprehensive environment.

The bottom line is that Altium is one of the leading and most professional PCB design packages on the market, and a must-have a solution for any serious PCB designer or company.