Types of Car Covers
Types of Car Covers

If you are thinking of buying a car cover, you must know, there are quite a range of this product in different types and purpose of use. Just like there is a variety of types of cars depending on the purpose they serve, car covers are not so different. In fact, in this article, you are going to know it all about car covers.

What is a car cover?

A car cover is an item made of specific materials with the intention of protecting a car from hazardous environmental factors like rain, dirt, UV rays. The way that shirt or pants you have on are tailor-made to fit you, similarly, a car cover is structurally designed by specialists so that it can fit the vehicle it’s made for.

You can also get covers for bicycles, motor bicycles and any other engine-based moving machine that is available on the face of the earth. It basically comes in handy when a car is not in use for a longer period of time. That is why, when you need to set it aside for some time because of whatever reasons you may have, a nice car cover will help maintain the good state of your car.

What are the types of car covers?

Depending on the materials used to make them, there is:

Water resistant car covers

It rains, it snows, it may become foggy or misty sometimes, and that is why you may need a water resistant car cover in such times or if you are in an area that is subjected to such weather. Water resistant car covers are made of materials that strongly repel water. But, due to the modern technology, they also allow the circulation of air onto the car.

Since most water-repelling materials are known for supporting condensation of moist air onto surfaces which may cause degradation of your car’s beauty. These covers can protect your vehicle from water and sunlight too. How great is that?

Besides, they are easy to put on and off your car. You can get some that can be used for short-term purposes or long term. You can also pick plastic coated or cotton coat.

Plastic coated waterproof covers

These covers are perfect for long-term storage of cars like winter, when there is very little movement, you can use this to keep your highway monster safe.

Plastic coated covers are great for outside covering and come with a flannel. A flannel is a piece of fabric that is designated to protect inside the cover. It basically keeps all the moisture that may rest on your smoothly coated car away.

Cotton coated covers

These covers are made of an uncommon polyester and cotton combo that works surprisingly fine. Cotton has that element of absorbing moisture while polyester repels water. That is why, your car can be safe for a very long time because, as much as these cover will be repelling water, it will also be keeping moisture from accumulating on to your car’s silky finish.

Composite car covers

You may come across composite covers. Well, relax, they do not compos. However, they are designed to work quite uniquely. In easy terms, they act like sieves. They filter dirt from water such that only clean water flows to your car. The problem now is when the rains are acidic. They won’t be able to jam of the acid because it is dissolved into water. Composite car covers are great for freshwater rains, or indoors, somewhere not much water can seep in.

How car covers can be used

Inside vs. outside car covers

There are inside car covers that are manufactured from woven polyester and have a very soft lining that can be friendly to the insides of your car. Just like the outside covers, inside covers can also keep away water, other liquids, and dust from diminishing your vehicles aesthetic feel. Inside covers are light and less durable because they are not exposed to so many hardships like the outside cover which are able to endure rain, snow, leaves, insects and many other things found outside.

General vs. tailor-made car covers

You may have the desire to have a car cover that has the same quality of your vehicle or just a simple all style cover. That is when you will meet tailor-made covers and general ones. One is designed to fit the exact shape of your car, and it has special spaces for side-mirrors and other exposed parts. The latter has a custom shape that is meant to fit a wide range of vehicles. They are large in length, easy to put on and remove. It does not matter which car you are going out with, whichever you use, that is if you have a number of cars, the cover will be able to fix it.

Heavy vs. light car covers

Heavy covers are known to be quite efficient when it comes to long-term protection. Like covering underneath your car, you need a heavy cover that will be able to protect your car from denting pressures like unseen bumps, stones or pieces of wood. Light materials come in handy in short-term use. Maybe you need to take a snack from your car while traveling; you can cover your seats or whatever exposed areas with a light cover to help prevent your juice or food cramps from damaging the materials used to cover the inside of your car.

Final Words

Car covers have a million ways of use whether it is outside, inside or under the vehicle. These covers provide the same type of protection, which is to prevent your car from damage. As much as they were invented for good reasons, they also have their downside.

So before you make a purchase, get to know what your vehicle wants or may need, understand your environment first because what surrounds us is what makes or destroys us. If you would love to get more details about car covers, please visit carcover.com review site.



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