If you think of a travel destination that is naturally beautiful, full of life, has a vibrant culture and is easy on the pocket, Thailand is the first name that comes to your mind. The country has something to offer to a person of every age. Over the years, the country has managed to attract quite a large number of tourists, especially Westerners who fall in love with the country’s unique culture and undiscovered treasures of nature.

Thailand has so much to offer across the country, that often it becomes difficult for travelers to decide what places to visit and which ones to let go. Most places have so much to offer that you can easily spend quite a few places in a single town without getting bored.

If you are planning to travel to Thailand and are clueless about where to go, here are some of the top places that you should not miss out.


When traveling to Thailand, there is a very high chance that you will be landing in the capital. Although many tourists use Bangkok merely as a transit point, it is an amazing travel destination for anyone who loves happening places. Do not let the urban vibe deceive you. Bangkok is home to some of the best nightlife options in the world. Besides that, it has numerous attractions, sightseeing options, amazing shopping, and delicious food.


It just does not make sense if you visit Thailand and skip the beaches. Phuket is the largest and the most developed island in the country, but it is nothing like those calm and quiet beach destinations where you have little to do once the sun goes down. On the contrary, Phuket comes to life as the sun goes down. Colorful shopping streets dotted with eateries, bars and nightclubs, exciting cultural shows, jungle trekking, water sports, and pristine beaches are some of the key features that make Phuket worth a visit.

Koh Samui

Thailand is such a diverse country, that there is something unique about its every part and it often becomes difficult to decide which one is more beautiful than the other, Despite such a tough competition, it would be safe to say that Koh Samui is by far the most beautiful and exotic location in the entire country. The sandy white beaches and turquoise waters are shadowed by the majestic cliffs and dense forests that make it an absolutely enthralling place.

Chiang Mai

It is very common among tourists to associate Thailand with beaches. You will rarely find someone mentioning a Thai destination that has little to do with beaches. Interestingly, Chiang Mai is one of those few Thai regions that are very non-beachy, yet vet beautiful and highly underrated. Being a highland area, Chiang Mai is dominated by beautiful terraced rice paddies with dense forests in the background. The pleasant weather of the highlands offers a much-needed respite from the humidity at the sea level. You can book Chiang Mai tours to explore the nearby villages, beautiful waterfalls and adventure sports such as zip lining.