If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer or have recently purchased a new one because your previous computer had become too slow and unstable, you should know that there is no need to recycle your old hardware. There are plenty of ways to keep an old computer running like new for much longer.

Many of us are not aware of the fact that computers usually slow down because they have malware infections and software issues. In time the hard drive and the windows registry becomes so cluttered that you have to get rid of programs and go through the process of deleting and saving files, which means reviewing all your data. Your computer might have become sluggish due to the corrupted hardware drivers, which is mostly the result of malware that sneaks in with the download you make.

However, this does not mean that your computer is not useful anymore. Computer Repair Calgary or some self-help books on minor computer repairs available online can help a great deal with common computer issues, or you can use the following tips to fix it yourself.

Reinstall Windows from the Beginning

A great way to wipe away all the problems in your computer is to reinstall windows. You can either use windows installation media or use the recovery partition on your hard drive. Once you reinstall Windows, run Windows Update and install all of your available updates over there.

Once you have successfully installed these updates, you can remove junk files and trialware. These obviously come with the windows that you install. Also, it helps if you avoid installing every new program except for the ones that are your preferred browsers.

You should also not forget to run autoruns in order to prevent unnecessary programs from starting up automatically with windows.

Reset Your Windows with the Windows Reset Tool

If you are running your computer on a Windows 10, you don’t have to start reinstalling Windows 10 from the very beginning to wipe away the junk. A simple solution is to reset the windows you already have.

Scan and Get Rid of Malware

A lot of websites automatically install cookies and programs on your computer to keep a tab on you, or worse they do it for malicious agendas. You want a program that detects such malware in your computer. If you like you can keep this program activated so that it alerts you whenever some malware sneaks into your PC. If you are big on browsing the web, then this is extremely important for you.

Back Up All Your Important Files

You should implement this even if your computer isn’t acting sluggish or isn’t in jeopardy. If you have lost data to hardware failure, you should start ensuring your important files from hardware failure. There are plenty of new options which make it easy for you to automate the whole process and back up your important data.

Back Up Your System Too

A lot of people who tend to make a habit of backing up their emails and pictures do not really treat this as important. If you have tweaked windows to your preference and like to experiment with new programs, you should definitely take a couple of minutes every week to set your very own system restore point.

This is super easy to do and won’t have you reinstalling Windows again and again with you starting from scratch every time the computer crashes.

Make Space

Sure your new machine is not fighting for computer space, and most new computers really are not, but it still helps if you clear away unwanted programs and files. A neat way to go about it is to go through all the programs and remove that you have not used in quite a while. However, be super careful about what you are deleting and what you can keep; you do not want to accidentally delete important files and programs.

Clean Your Hardware

If you have never gone through the process of opening your computer, like really opening it from the inside and seeing what it’s like under there, you will be very surprised by how grotty the inside of the casing can actually get.

Most people do not know this, but physically cleaning your machine is an excellent way to increase the longevity of your PC’s life. And the best part is it is really simple too. There are tons of tools that are designed to exclusively do this. All you have to do is pick up a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air, turn off your computer, remove the casing, and get to cleaning.

You may find that laptops are a little trickier than PCs. They are a bit difficult to open and are also not as easy to clean as a desktop machine is.

It is important to note here that there are certain old computer maintenance tools that many of us are still well versed in and believe them to be our go-to programs for system maintenance. A very important aspect of Windows maintenance used to be defragging the hard drive. You should know that Windows 7 does it automatically, which means you should not have to do it with your main drives yourself. It might still serve you well if you check auxiliary drives every other week. Likewise, registry cleaning was deemed crucial and is now considered unnecessary, which improves your performance by a small portion in many cases.

If you have already bought a new computer to replace your old lagging one, you can definitely work around this in your favor. In other words, you don’t have to get rid of your old machine either. You can do this by using your old PC for internet browsing and your new one for other things. Most malware creeps into your system through this browsing. So as a part of maintaining your new computer, you will keep it protected from the potential of malware by keeping your browsing to its minimal.