You’ve got a cool car but what about other cool stuff for your car? What must-have car accessories don’t you know about?

Adding a couple of car gadgets can make a big difference in how your car functions and looks. We know you want to make your car look good, but some of the following accessories do more than just make your car look good.

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Window Breaker

Window breakers come in handy if you get into a wreck and can’t get out of the car. While you might see people smashing windows in the movies, it isn’t so easy when it comes to real life. Having a window breaker will save your elbows and ensure you’re able to make it out of the car safely.

Bluetooth Transmitter

If your vehicle doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can put a Bluetooth transmitter in your car. Having a Bluetooth transmitter is great for making hands-free calls and listening to your favorite music all while charging your phone.

Car Decals 

Whether you’re getting Toyota Tacoma decals, Chevy Camero decals or you want to put some mudflap girls on your car; car decals can add some personality.

Car Air Mattress

Got a hankering for going camping but don’t have an RV and don’t want to tent camp? Say hello to your car air mattress. Going camping in your car is an easy way to get off the grid and enjoy some time outdoors, but it usually isn’t comfortable.

When you have a car air mattress, it will fit your backseat so you can get a good night’s sleep in the backseat.

Scratch Remover

If you’re out and about and scratch your car, it’s helpful to have a scratch remover in the car. You don’t want to drive around with a big scratch in your car’s paint.

Heated Seat Cushion

If you have vinyl or leather seats, you might dread the winter because of the freezing temps and chilly seats. A heated seat cushion will solve your freezing problem, so you don’t have to dread getting in your car when it’s cold.

Car Air Freshener

Whether you smell it or not, your vehicle is likely to have some sort of smell. Don’t let nose blindness blindside your friends — get a car air freshener. There are a lot of different scents available nowadays, and you don’t have to put little trees on your rearview mirror.

Now you can get little pods to put under your seat or clip air fresheners on your air vents.

Suction Grip Mount

Whether you use your phone or GPS to map where you’re going, having a suction grip mount makes life much easier when you’re trying to get somewhere safely. Even if you aren’t using navigation, you can keep your phone mounted safely on the windshield so you can make hands-free calls using Bluetooth technology.


If you only have access to one 12V port, put a multi-charger in it so you can charge multiple things. You can find multi-chargers that have USB ports so you can charge your phone, iPad, or other devices that connect with the USB port.


Dashcams are a great way to catch beautiful footage of your drives. It might also make you feel safer when you’re driving in areas that you aren’t used to driving. People tend to act a lot different when they are on camera.

Make sure to check your local laws before you start using a dashcam.


You’ve been out with your friend and had a couple of drinks. If you aren’t sure if you are over the legal limit for driving safely, you can use your breathalyzer to make sure you are good to drive. You may even want to have this in case one of your friends offers to drive, and you want to check their level of intoxication.

Jump Starter

We’ve all had our battery go dead at the most inconvenient times. Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated, make sure you have a jump starter kit in the trunk. Gone are the days when you’re going to find a limitless supply of friendly strangers ready to give you a jump.

Parking Assistance

If you have a newer model car, you may already have parking assistance, but many of us keep our cars for a long time and don’t have this feature. Parking assistance can mean the difference between a ding in the fender and a successful parking job.

Parking assistance isn’t very expensive, and you can put it on your car pretty easily. Some of the less expensive parking assistance tools start at $20, but if you want to get the most high-quality ones, you’re going to have to shell out a little bit more cash.

Tire Traction Tool

Whether it’s sand or snow if you are stuck, you’re going to need some help. If you’re in a bind, you can get your floor mats out and try to drive on them, but it’s better to have a traction tool, 0so you don’t mess up your mats.

Whether you’re dealing with mud, sand or snow and ice, these little tracks will help you out of a jam.

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