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A clean and presentable home provides numerous benefits to its occupants, and is strived for by homeowners all over the world. Clean dishes, polished floors and dust-free shelves are plastered all over the pages of home-styling magazines, and home inspiration websites. It is the home trend that will endure forever, and is a major factor that separates a classy home from an unattractive one.

In spite of all the benefits brought about by having a clean home, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness can be difficult for many people. Cleaning is the task that never seems to be finished, and we often find ourselves playing catch-up in order to maintain a presentable home. Here is a short guide to home cleaning that will simplify the task, and encourage you to maintain a clean home today.

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Clean Every Day.

The first way to simplify cleaning in your own home is to clean every day. One benefit from cleaning every day is that it breaks the tasks down into “bite-size” portions. Instead of spending 3 hours every Saturday washing the dishes, breaking out the vacuum cleaner and dusting the shelves in one torturous cleaning session, you can spend 25 minutes cleaning each day. 25 minutes is much less scary than 3 hours, and therefore less of a burden.

A second benefit from cleaning every day is that it forms a habit. It is much easier for us to complete a task if it has been made into a habit. Each morning many of us make our bed. We probably don’t count this as a chore because we are so used to doing it. If we pair this with a reward system to encourage habit formation then the results will be even more positive. So start cleaning every day, and consider adopting a reward system, and you will be effortless maintaining your home in no time!

Separate your Tasks.

The second secret of simplified home cleaning is to separate your cleaning tasks into three categories: the daily tasks, the weekly tasks and the monthly tasks. Daily tasks consist of things like washing dishes, sweeping floors and wiping down countertops. They are the tasks that if not done everyday, will get out of control. Weekly tasks are things such as cleaning the toilet, bathroom and laundry. These are areas that are less prone to mess than the daily cleaning areas, and therefore can be maintained weekly.

The monthly tasks involve things like cleaning windows and gardening. These are often individual, and will depend on your hobbies and where you live. Some may live on the second floor of an apartment building, and so will find the cleaning of windows quite difficult. Others may own a pet, and so will have additional monthly tasks to complete.

Separating your tasks into these categories will help to prioritise the important ones. Pairing this with a cleaning roster or checklist will enhance its effectiveness, and streamline the cleaning regiment in your home.

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The final tip that will help you simplify your home cleaning is to declutter. Not only will getting rid of excess, unnecessary items reduce the number of things to clean, but it can also provide health benefits. Decluttering has been shown to improve focus and attention to particular tasks, potentially leading to enhanced productivity. So start decluttering today!


So there we have it, three ways to simplify your home cleaning today! Cleaning will always remain the task that is never complete. However, with the help of these simple tips, the tasks will become less painful, and perhaps eventually just as easy as making our beds.

Good luck!