When the world realized our online content needs to laden with images, Instagram took flight. It’s the world’s favorite platform for new insights and artistry. Whether you run a personal page or a company profile, understanding how to make videos for Instagram can take you to new heights.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the top tips to help you curate videos that can gain major traction. Once you post a video that follows these guidelines, we suspect your next set of insights will be quite impressive.

Focus on Your Lighting

You don’t need to go out and purchase professional lighting when making videos for Instagram. You just need to work well with what you have.

One of the easiest tips is to search for natural lighting in the room. Be sure to capture as much of that light as possible. As for one of the don’ts, never shoot under overhead lights (especially fluorescent lights).

Think About Thumbnails

We’ve all seen it. Someone uploaded a YouTube or Instagram video without choosing the best thumbnail. Instead, they ended up with a picture of someone shouting – mid-sentence, double-chin.

Your thumbnail is as important as your caption. It’s what’s going to lure scrollers to stop scrolling and take another 59 seconds out of their day to watch your hard work play out.

Also, as your video continues to live on your profile, the thumbnail is all people will see at first. So, be sure it’s well-lit, colorful, and alluring.

Accentuate Auto-Play

Those who wonder how to make Instagram videos know that, while your thumbnail is important, so is your opening shot. Videos on Instagram run via autoplay (on mute, initially).

So, you’re going to want the opening shots in your video to be action-packed (or, at least eye-catching). Stay away from slow openings like long fade-ins because the goal is to catch ’em while you can.

Use Your Minute Wisely

Although a one-minute video may take you all day to film, that one-minute flies by on-screen. So, use your time wisely. Consider your former posts that have ranked really well.

Are you driving at the same theme with your video? Will you catch the eye of all those “likes” from the past because you drove at a similar theme?

Consider a Montage

One of the best ways to say a lot in a little bit of time is to create a montage. Montages have the ability to condense a whole lot of material into, say, a minute.

You can give viewers the best of all your posts, or tell a story about a new product using still shots in a well-paced montage. Best of all, it’s easy to convert images to video these days. You can become an expert in no time at all.

How to Make Videos for Instagram

And there you have it! That’s the basis of how to make videos for Instagram that will rank well and garner new leads. Here at Atebits, we love to learn new things about Instagram to help you manage your profile successfully.

With a sea of scrollers out there, we want to see you flourish out there on one of the most popular social media platforms. Keep coming back to visit our site for more Twitter, gaming, and Instagram updates! We’ll help you secure that social media crown.