Everybody knows a sawhorse as a trusted tool that can aid in various home improvement and construction projects. If you’re unfamiliar, saw horses are essentially beams that are supported with two sets of legs. They are also commonly referred to as mules and work best when used in their group of two. These fantastic pieces of equipment can provide much-needed support for wood that is being cut, as well as serving as legs for a makeshift workbench. Sawhorses can also be used with support planks to act as a scaffolding.

The shape and design

You will find that both their shape and design are very basic. Two sets of legs shaped much like the letter a are attached to a beam. This beam is attached at the apex of each of the frames, joining the two sets of legs. Between each of the leg pairs is a bracing beam that fills out the A shape. Traditionally you can find sawhorses made of wood, typically composed of 2 x 4 lumbar for the braces and legs and a 4×4 system for the support beam. Nowadays manufacturers are often constructing them out of metal as well. You can find metal versions often fabricated with adjustable parts and hinges, allowing them to be easily transported whilst also giving one the ability to adjust the length of legs.

Common uses for sawhorses

We’ve worked in collaboration with the good people at Homemakerguide to come up with various common uses for sawhorses. Who says that they’re only used to cut wood? There is a multitude of different ways to use regular sawhorse.

Workbenches for construction and home use

He can find sources commonly being used either in the home or on construction sites. When they are used in a pair, you can put a piece of wood on the top in order to join, measure and cut. People have often been using them as makeshift workbenches too. If you get a wide plank or a thick piece of wood, you can set it up on top of two sawhorses and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a portable workbench! The whole thing is very easy to break up and take to different locations. Providing that the surface is strong, a workbench made in this way can support the weight of many heavy-duty tools useful construction such as a circular saw.

Scaffolding for high up projects such as fixing ceiling fans with lights

When you’re looking to reach areas of the home or work site, planks set on top of two sawhorses can form a single piece of a scaffold. You need to make sure that your plank can withstand enough weight and are strong enough to support the force of a worker who needs to access areas higher than what they can already reach. It is also very important to make sure that everything is level so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or others around you. Make sure that you can affix a plank with some screws or a clamp in order to stop things moving around. When erecting scaffolding for construction, modular metal frames and planks can be stacked up. He should not use sawhorses in this way and the only single scaffold is a suitable way to use sawhorses.

Drying racks for clothes and carpentry

It is quite simple to use these wonderful tools to try things. All you have to do is put a couple of sawhorses in a warm area and lay some boards across them. After this, simply put whatever items you want to try on the boards and let nature take its course. It’s even possible to work on your pieces while they are sitting on your drying rack, for instance, if you are trimming off a piece of a door or doing some carpentry.

Table for many different uses

Have you ever thought about having a workbench at your job site? You can actually use a pair of sawhorses to create a makeshift table. Simply take two of them and lay a large plank over top. If you’ve got a good eye for design, you can actually minimize clutter whilst creating a pretty cool aesthetic. You can also consider laying down an additional plywood plank along with the braces of your sawhorses, allowing you to have even more extra space for storage.

A space buffer for demarcation

Sometimes people need to know that they can’t enter a certain area. A lot of builders also want to work in a solitaire environment. When there is a need to tell people to stay out of an area, sawhorses are a great way of facilitating this. He can simply set up a series of sawhorses around the area that you want to demark and then lay down some caution tape to show people that they really need to stay away. It’s very simple and doesn’t require any tools either.

Cutting grids to help cut wood

Remember when we talked about building a drying rack? You can actually turn that particular project into a cutting grid. Simply set some lumber across two sawhorses and then use the smaller boards underneath that number to create something that resembles a ladder. By doing this you can now cut in the square pieces that are created. This is quite an effective way of cutting flimsy and small items.


Hopefully, now that you’ve read our article, you know that there is more to this piece of tech than enabling better woodcutting. These are very versatile pieces of kit and can provide assistance in a number of ways. The next time you come across your common sawhorse, you’ll think twice about how it can be used and will be willing to purchase one for many different uses. Get creative with your saw horse and stay safe!

Have you got any uses for this equipment that you’d like to share with us? Please tell us more in the comment section below.