Instagram has always proved to be an incredible space for the promotion of businesses. Since this app provides 15 times more engagement than any other social media platform, Instagram manages to stand out amidst all others. Especially for those who want to launch their first marketing campaigns, it can be an ideal space for a successful kick-start.

So, how does one launch a first Instagram marketing campaign? How can anyone gain lump sum followers at once and dazzle like never before? Well, let’s find out below!

1. Derive inspiration from the profiles around you

An outstanding content that comes in the form of visuals or stories can be highly fascinating for the audience. The best way to inculcate the same amount of creativity in your profile, you must derive inspiration from various sources.

Study the Instagram profiles of various big brands, influencers, and other famous people who can give you ideas to outshine others. There are also chances that many big brands bought some initial followers for bootstrapping. And when they can do it, you can also go for some initial boost by purchasing these IG followers. But make sure you consider a reputable firm for this. You can also run through the profiles of famous photographers or videographers to extract the same.

2. Let the caption and content be a powerful pair

Visuals are an awesome means to attract any customer. The color, clarity, and charm of a video are more enchanting than written content that requires the effort of reading. But if you pair the content with a catchy caption, it not only enhances the power of the past but also brings double the engagement that it usually does.

If you want to take an inspiration-peak, you can check out Oreo, the world’s favorite cookie brand. Their caption game is on-point with the right mix of engagement and interaction.

Visuals that you are strategizing to launch during the campaign can be easily created with the help of Canva. And let your caption do the talking! Make sure it’s relevant enough to compel audiences and lure them into following your profile.

3. Map out a certain period for the campaign

The secret to a potentially strong marketing campaign is to keep it for a limited period. Any campaign that runs endlessly will make it difficult for you to analyze and study the impact. Chalk out a specific start date and end date to gauge maximum benefits.

Make sure it reaches out to maximum people so that the intensity of the impact is multiplied. Such a limited period will guide you into analyzing the number of increased views, likes, and followers during the campaign. Also, it gives you a chance to know your strengths and weaknesses to perform even better next time. So, why not?

4. Partner with a micro-influencer

While influencer marketing is extremely beneficial, sometimes these mainstream influencers can be very expensive and hard to reach out to. At this point, a micro-influencer from a smaller industry can come in very handy. By seeking the support of micro-influencers, you will reach a clear target audience.

Such influencers are very affordable as they hold little experience. So, if you are looking to collaborate with an influencer who will advertise your products for free, go for it!

5. Let the CTA do its magic

A call to action is extremely important while launching an Instagram marketing campaign. No matter what caption you create, always remember to add CTA within all of them to attract potential buyers and audiences.

Rather than simply requesting your audience to visit the website, let your crisp CTA guide them to the product and where they can buy it. Such CTAs are more compelling than others. Make sure you develop a strong, clear, and compelling CTA like how it should be.

6. Consider the time before the launch

Time plays a very integral role while launching a marketing campaign. Thus, consider the time properly before you make a move. The time that you select to launch your marketing campaign will decide its success and also motivate you to plan and reach the goals accurately. Apple is one of the best examples of this point.

For many years, Apple functioned without an Instagram profile of its own. Finally, after a few days of launching the iPhone 8 and X, Apple launched a remarkable Instagram marketing campaign that received lump sum followers within no time. Thus, don’t forget to assess the time before you take the step.

The bottom line

Your Instagram marketing campaign will be top-notch provided you use these points to stand out. Each of these points is highly beneficial for everyone and surely helps you gain lump sum followers in hours. So, what’s the wait worth for? Let the magic happen!