Sometimes people find your service and sometimes you have to approach people and tell them about your service. Businesses hire a Guest Posting service provider to reach out to their target audience. When people are not able to link to your website – or when they are not able to find your content – you have to approach them and tell them that you have a great guide/article/tutorial available that they can link to.

In some cases, the guest posting website will allow you a dofollow link within the content, but in most cases, they will only give you a link in the author bio.

For some guest posting is hard. For some, it is quite easy. It all depends on how convincing you are and what methods you can find of linking to other sources.

Links Matter – What Google Says About Links

To understand how guest posts begin, we need to know what Google says about guest posting.

Source: Google SEO Guide

According to this guide, Google allows users to promote their content through various social means such as social media, newsletters, emails, and even offline channels. But recently John Mueller said that everyone who is guest posting should nofollow their links.

This is the excerpt of his exact message:

I would almost go so far as to say well, even those kinds of guest posts where you do contribute significantly to the site maybe it makes sense just to have those links as nofollow. And have it such that you kind of profit from the people who go to your site because I think that you wrote something fantastic and they’re interested in hearing more from you.

Importance of Guest Post & How It Helps Your Website

Guest posts can help you rank your website higher in the search engines. Google wants links and guest posts is one legit way to get them. Even top SEO experts including Rand Fiskin, Matt Diggity, and Matthew Woodward have links that are essential to ranking a website. Even Brian Dean has published a complete guide on ranking your website through guest posts. One such agency that helps you rank higher using guest posts is Globex Outreach.

A few reasons to use Guest posts for SEO are:

– Guest Posts Get You More Links

You can easily get more links for your website by pitching another website in your industry. It will be a win-win for both of you. You will get a link by writing a post for them and they will get a well-researched, free content piece to go on their website.

– Guest Posts Are Mostly Free

Guest posts are usually free unless someone asks you for money. In 2019, most companies will ask you for a cross-posting opportunity instead of a guest post. In this partnership, you will publish an article on their website and they will publish an article on your website. These types of partnerships are also helpful in creating future partnerships.

– Guest Posts Can Help You Become an Authority

Guest posts are a faster way to become an authority in your niche. Only publishing articles on your website are not enough. You need endorsements from others to become an authority in the niche. That is what guest posts provide to the users. By writing an article on an external website, you will get the name in the author’s bio. You can use that as an example of outreach to other websites.

– Guest Posts Help You Get More Sales

What do improved rankings bring? More sales! That’s what guest posts are going to do for your website. By getting ranked higher in the search engines, eventually, orders to your website will increase. That’s why it is highly important to guest posts on relevant niches.

Finding Sources for Guest Posts

There is a hack to find guest post resources on Google. Here is how to find them. Simply use the following keywords on the search engine.

Your Keyword “guest post”

Your Keyword “write for us”

Your Keyword “guest article”

Your Keyword “guest post opportunities”

Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”

Your Keyword “contributing writer”

Your Keyword “want to write for”

Your Keyword “submit blog post”

Your Keyword “contribute to our site”

Your Keyword “guest column”

Your Keyword “submit content”

Your Keyword “submit your content”

Your Keyword “submit post”

Your Keyword “This post was written by”

Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of ”

Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”

Your Keyword “suggest a post”

Your Keyword “submit an article”

Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”

Your Keyword “contributing writer”

Your Keyword “submit news”

Your Keyword “become a guest blogger

“Your Keyword “guest blogger”

Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”

Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”

Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”

Your Keyword “guest poster wanted”

Your Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Your Keyword “writers wanted”

Your Keyword “articles wanted”

Your Keyword “become an author”

Your Keyword “become guest writer”

Your Keyword “become a contributor”

Your Keyword “submit guest post”

Your Keyword “submit an article”

Your Keyword “submit article”

Your Keyword “guest author”

Your Keyword “send a tip”

Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”

Your Keyword inurl: “guest post”

allintitle: Your Keyword + guest post

Finding Guest Post Opportunities through Reverse Image Search

Another great way to find guest post opportunities is by running a reverse image search. First of all, you will have to find a guest post of an author on a website of your choice. Now, use his image to run a reverse image search. This will tell how many websites he has published an article. Now, you can publish your write-up on the same websites.

Here is an example of a guest post. Now, let’s run a reverse image and find how many places he has written a guest post.

Voila! We have a list of places where he has written a guest post. We can now pitch these websites for a guest post as well because we know that they accept guest posts.

Tips for Pitching for Guest Posts

– Make sure that the topics you provide for guest posting are related to the website’s theme

– It is even better to provide a thesis statement telling what the topics will be about

– You can also provide the website an outline so that they are more willing to accept your guest post

– Keep pitching to multiple websites each day and one of them will accept your guest posting pitch

– Try to offer something different that other guest posters are not offering. For example, if you are writing tips, tell the guest posting company that you will offer a free infographic to go with the guest post.

– Research-oriented articles are accepted faster because everyone is looking for well-researched articles. If you can become a source for them, why would they ignore your request?

In most cases, you will be able to get a YES for a guest post if you follow these tips. However, if you are not able to get a YES in the first go, DON’T GIVE UP!


Guest posts help you increase your site’s ranking in the search engines. The faster you can grow your website, the faster you will be able to make your business sustainable. So, keep trying and keep creating wonderful content so that your guest post-acceptance rate can increase further.