The quickest and easiest way to spruce up the outside of your home is with the new paint color. While you can choose any color of your choice for the interior of your home, but for outside you need to be vigilant. This is because everyone sees the outside of your house, so there is a public component to your color selection to consider.

The right exterior paint color can add character and subtle drama. Exterior house paint color is the first impression people get of your home so the right combination of hues can boost the curb appeal. Choosing paint color whether it is for exterior walls or the roof of your house is an important decision and should be made with careful consideration. Here I am providing you with a few tips to get started.

Tips To Choose Exterior Painting Colors

Consider the Surroundings

Surroundings of your home have a direct impact on the color of your home, so you need to keep this in mind when selecting the tone for your exteriors. Proficient painting services providers say that if your home is nestled in a heavily wooded lot, the deep shades of a dark colored surface can intensify and blend into the landscape. Homes in open spaces often look smaller with a dark-colored exterior. Whites or tinted natural colors offer small dwellings more substance in any setting. No matter what size home you have, dark colors recede and light tones stand out.

You also need to consider the trees, shrubs and other plants around the foundation or in planting beds. Flowering plants, even if they don’t bloom all season, may look out of place if you paint your exteriors with bright or contrasting colors. The same goes for plants autumn hues.

Neighboring homes are another consideration to make when choosing a home exterior paint color. While your home should reflect your style statement, it’s probably not a good idea to select colors that clash with other houses in the area. So, carefully chose the hues to create a tasteful and complementary yet striking personal statement.

Honour History

If you are planning to paint an older home, you would want to use a historically accurate color scheme. You can hire professional painting services to analyze old paint chips and recreate the original color, or you can refer to a historic color chart to select shades that must have been used when your home was built. The simpler your house is, the fewer colors you may need. For instance, if you have an elaborate Victorian style house, plan to use four to six shades and do some careful observation of color combinations by visiting some historic homes in your city.

Follow the Sun

Full sunlight intensifies the color, so make a note of what parts of your home get the most sunlight at which times of the day. If the front of your house is in full sun for the second half of the day, consider subtle colors to avoid a garish effect. On the other hand, if your house gets little sunlight due to trees around, you can choose saturated colors for a beautiful effect.

Consider Your Home’s Style and Features

Whether your home design is contemporary, farmhouse, colonial or a ranch, the color pallet should suit the feel of the home. Architectural details such as windows, dormers, porches, and gables offer opportunities to use color to make a sharp and appealing statement. Residential painting services providers say that your home has certain colors that don’t change such as shingles, gutters and downspouts, trims and other accents like brick or stonework. These elements can offer cues to help with the color selection. In addition to this, outdoor features such as driveway, patio, walkway or shed can factor into the overall look as well. So, you need to choose colors that complement these elements to offer a crisp, polished look to your home’s exterior.

Choose Three or More Paint Shades

As you know from above, the home has three main color areas, the field which is a dominating area, the accents like shutters and doors and the trim which includes door and window casings, porch railings and other trim work. Residential painting Melbourne experts recommend using three colors, one color for each main area. Ideally, the trim color should contrast sharply with the field color. If the primary hue of your house is dark, consider classic white trim or another pale shade, a light field color can look stunning with darker trim producing a crisp and dramatic effect. Go bold with accent colors, like a door painted in bright red or lemon yellow lends just the right hit of punch. However, extending this shade to shutters and gables won’t do the trick.

Test Colours on your Home

The colors you see on the paint chip in the store will become darker and more intense in full sunlight. So, it is recommended that you test them, before painting the exterior of your home and not feel satisfied by the contrast. Make a large board with the paint color of your choice, so that you can move them around the exterior of your home to check how it looks on a particular part of the walls. You can even paint the samples directly onto several spots of the house. You want to see the colors at different times of the day under different lighting conditions to ensure that they offer an aesthetical appeal as the way you wanted and can live comfortably with those colors.

Buy Quality Paint

This doesn’t directly relate to color choices, but it does make good sense for your budget, you should always buy quality paint as it lasts longer. It is also essential to buy quality paint because the exterior of your home is subjected to weather elements which can chip away the paint. With quality material, this won’t be an issue and will keep your home looking new for many years to come as well as save money.

Consider Climatic Conditions

While choosing a paint color for your exteriors, make sure that it is according to the climatic conditions. You must have adequate knowledge regarding cool and warm tones. The colors such as blue, green and violet are cool in nature because they absorb less heat whereas colors like red and orange are hot. Colouring of outer walls entirely depends on general climatic conditions in your locality. If the geographical conditions are warm and humid, cool colors are suggested. Those who are living in a heavy snowfall area must prefer warm colors.

Make a Virtual Preview

A good painter will always suggest you with different options of color schemes with the help of virtual graphics. With the help of the latest software apps, it becomes easy to make a preview before painting in reality. Keep one thing in mind that does not exceed the number of colors beyond this because it can ruin the appearance. Shutter, doors, and trims are the major areas where different color schemes required. You can choose any style according to the structure of a building. There is the logic behind 3 colors combination that almost every natural object is made up of maximum 3 colors. For matching your home with nature, a natural color scheme is important.

Tips To Choose Interior Painting Colours

The interiors of a house are the personalized space where you can customize everything according to your taste. While selecting colors for interiors, you can have more options than exteriors. Take a look at some tips before painting your new house or renovating an old one internally.

1) Different Colour Scheme for Every Living Room

A house consists of rooms for different people including children, adult, and elders. Everyone has a different preference like a plain single color theme, 2 or 3 color combination and texture schemes too. Nowadays, textures theme is trending for a unique look to your interiors. Only a proficient paint agency like Colour Your World Painting offers such kind of advanced services. The living room of children can be painted with light pink or sky blue theme with the combination of cartoon wall stickers. Elders generally prefer plain color schemes like royal blue shades or greenish touch at the walls where natural light reflect.

2) Colour Scheme for Kitchen

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for a kitchen, you must think logically. A major portion of kitchen walls is covered with tiles. Thus less space is available for painting. It is recommended to use hot colors like orange or red that suits best with tiles. Light colors are highly prone to dust and stain marks the risk of strain on kitchen walls is higher than other areas of the house. Make sure that the colors have the quality of stains repellent so that they a normal wipe can clear the entire space neatly. Also, a kitchen signifies hot and spicy food; this is one of the reasons to go with a hot theme. To buy matching sinks and faucets you can use this kitchen guide, which is a great source of information to make an informed decision.

3) Drawing Room Colour Theme Selection

Choosing a color theme for drawing room is a bit tricky because this space belongs to guests more than you. There must be an organized way in hues accent on walls that also needs to match with interior furniture and decals. If the drawing room is exposed to adequate light, navy blue, turquoise and pink colors are recommended. If the location of the drawing room is surrounded by walls entirely, it is recommended to paint the interior with soft blue and glass green color theme. Girls can go bold with a hot pink theme as it signifies feminism touch. With pink paint, similar curtains and cushions are also recommended.

4) Bathroom Colour Scheme

The bathroom can be your personalized cozy space to relax if appropriately maintained with hygiene. While choosing the color scheme for a bathroom, it is essential to match the theme with sanitary ware fittings and lighting. A light color theme of paints with tiles is recommended in a bathroom. You can choose a soothing blue color shade that signifies water, or classic neutral grey. As a good custom option, the combination of white, grey and rich mahogany is also recommended.

5) Staircase Colour Scheme

Hall staircase and landing can imply a luxurious impression if it is well painted. Multicolor hue by painting every stair with a different color is a unique option to try. Strips of light pink, light blue and white are ideal for the house designed according to the idea of girls. If you are looking for some decent color themes rather than fusion, duster fondant, polished pebble, and blueberry white are some great options. The adjacent wall must also be painted with the similar color theme to maintain uniformity.

Important things to enquire While Hiring a Paint Agency

Once the house is painted, it remains constant for at least 3 to 4 years because painting is an expensive as well as time-consuming task. The paint job of home disturbs every person because of the inconvenience of adjusting in other rooms. Therefore, it is important to satisfy the mind before hiring someone. Below are some points to consider while enquiring for the paint job:-

1) Ask the roof painting services agency regarding the type of paints they are using. They must be non-toxic to the environment, children and pets. Avoid the use of paints that contain lead.

2) The paint service agency must have an insurance certificate that prevents you from the liability of any mishap during work.

3) It is important to ask them for a written warranty of paint life so that you don’t have to suffer in the future. It matters most when you are hiring them for exterior painting because outer walls face several climatic conditions that can become the reason of dull look.

4) There must be a committed duration of finishing the job because it disturbs the environment of the entire house.

5) Ask them for a written agreement that includes no hidden charges on the name of additional services. All terms and conditions must be clear enough to understand.

These are few of the considerations you need to make when choosing the paint color for exteriors and interiors of your home. Apart from the online ideas, it is also recommended to consult a renowned paint agency in your locality that suggest you with the best options for exteriors as well as every single wall of interiors too.