If you have a home with an attached garden, consider yourself the luckiest people throughout the world. Most of the population cannot even afford a room to live due to the scarcity of land. For the owners of the garden, it is essential to maintain the plant’s health as well as decoration too. Whether it is a small or big place, you can spend some quality time in the natural greenery. Also, it adds a complement to the decoration of the entire building.

The plants, trees, and grass grew in the garden always keep on growing that needs to be harnessed with special techniques and equipment. For the best quality work in the decoration of the garden, professional gardeners are required. However, there are some tricky techniques that a person can implement without prior experience. These smart techniques are included in DIY (Do it yourself) projects category. Here you can gain information regarding the situations when professional assistance or DIY video tutorials are needed.

Situations When You Need the Help of a Professional Gardner

1) Hedge trimming and designing

Hedges of a garden is not only meant for decoration, but their primary purpose is making a barrier between the garden and outer space. Some of the best plants that can be used for hedging the garden area are:-

• Boxwood

• Glossy Abelia

• Japanese Barberry

• Japanese Euonymus

• Juniper

All of them are great options that one can choose according to the geographical conditions. Generally, hedges are made with the fastest-growing plants that need timely trimming. Cutting extra branches doesn’t mean that the hedge is conserved, it requires special skills for right fencing, providing support for week plants, allowing adequate light and making attractive designs. Growing and its maintenance is not an easy task. Only professionals know where to make a cut that doesn’t cause any damage rest of the plant’s growth.

2) Suggestion regarding new plantation

If you are planning for a new plantation in the garden to change the monotonous appearance, it is essential to consult a professional Gardner. Beautiful plants and flower pics on the internet can lure you, but it doesn’t mean that you can grow all of them. Different plants need different climatic conditions to survive. Plants like Delphinium, Aster, Chrysanthemum, False indigo, Tickseed, and Bleeding heart only grow in cold regions. Whereas, the plants like Agave, Artemisia, Orchid tree, Buddleja, and Cedar sedge are suitable for the hot climate. Before buying any of them, it’s better to consult with a gardening expert to prevent disappointment in the future.

4) The right use of fertilizers

The right amount of fertilizer and manure to a specific plant is very important for its adequate growth. Also, every plant doesn’t require some kind of fertility supplement. Basically, all plants require 3 vital nutrients to grow, i.e., nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These elements naturally occur in soil but in different quantities that may be not sufficient for proper growth. Only an expert can suggest you the right fertilizer in the right quantity that keeps the plant healthy and doesn’t harm the eco-system. Both overdose and underdoes are harmful to the health of plants.

5) Trimming for decoration

Trimming requires advanced skills and equipment because it is a matter of decoration. You cannot just take a garden cutting scissor and start shaping the tree, in case of not enough experience. Generally, trimming is done after the pruning process when only healthy branches remain. They need to be properly aligned with the help of trimming tools and years of experience. A proficient gardener can customize the shape of a tree in different shapes that increase the beauty of your garden. The main purpose of trimming is decorating the garden, but also can be helpful in eliminating the overgrown parts.

6) Cutting of entire tree or stump removal

Eliminating a plant is easy, but the elimination of the entire tree is very difficult. Due to the large size, it becomes a threat to the nearby property after falling down. Also, the roots of trees deeply intrude inside the soil and help to stand firmly in all odds. Still, circumstances persist when it gets fully or partially damaged. In this situation, removal remains the only solution. If you are also facing a similar situation, it’s better to call an arborist who has adequate knowledge of safe cutting. There are specialized agencies of arborists from where you can hire an insured expert. Cutting down the big branches or the entire tree is risk full. Also, it requires some special tools that are only available at professional agencies. After cutting, they also dispose of all parts to keep your entire garden clean.

Not just the upper part, but the remaining stump of the tree is also very difficult to eradicate from growing. If the tree has grown old, it is obvious that the roots make a stronghold which is not easy to destroy. For satisfactory removal, the knowledge of special techniques like cutting, grinding and burning is essential.

3) Seasonal pruning

When you grow a tree in the garden, keep one thing in mind that it is not a forest where trees can grow in any direction. There must be a proper technique to harness its growth which is possible with the help of pruning. It is a process of identifying dead, overgrown and infected branches to cut down safely. Just like humans and animals, plants also suffer from diseases that need proper treatment. The expert hands of professional gardeners know how and where to make a right cut so that the remaining plant can grow safely. By cutting the overgrown branches, they ensure that the plant is getting adequate sunlight for photosynthesis. The Tree Pruning in Mornington is required on seasonal basis autumn and after springs.

Situations when you can manage with DIY methods

1) Rubbish removal from the garden

Garden consists of different species of plants that go through a continuous process of gaining new and losing old leaves. The fallen leaves gradually turn into the heap of rubbish which is essential to remove. Generally, this situation occurs in the autumn season. The heap of leaves may look bigger, but it is easy to remove with own efforts. Along with leaves, you can also find some non-biodegradable stuff like packets of chips or wrappers. When all this material stuck in drainage, water clogging becomes a common problem. You can collect all of this rubbish with the help of easily available tools like leaf grabbers, leaf rake, teeth broom, snap bagger and leaf blower. Dig a small pit with a shovel in your backyard and bury the leaves and pour water occasionally to decompose. After a few months, it turns into compost which is the best nutrient for plants.

2) Lawn Mowing

The lawn is the center of attraction in every garden because here you sit and relax on the lap of nature. Everyone loves soft grass to feel under feet, but its regular maintenance is also essential. As the grass grows upward, it becomes uncomfortable and rough. Therefore, lawn mowing is essential in the interval of a few months whenever you feel the need. Currently, manual and automatic lawn mowers are available in the market that can perform this task very efficiently (You can also find electric models at Verellenhc). Manual models are affordable, as well as capable enough to trim the grass equally from everywhere. Rather than wasting money on hiring a lawn moving professional, it’s better to buy a machine and use it occasionally. Roll the mower, collect the trimmed grass in a grabber and bury it in the same pit where dry leaves are stored.

3) Decorate a garden with customized flower plantation ideas

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with innovative ideas on how to decorate your garden with beautiful flowerpots. Not just the traditional pots of the market, but you can also utilize some waste material of the backyard and turn into beautiful objects. Apply color on the sued tires lying in the backyard, arrange them in an organized manner and fill with soil mixed with compost. Add flowering plants to them, and your own sculpture is ready. One can also try the fusion of cactuses in a big wooden or metal container. Paint it thoroughly, make a stuffing of similar size plants to give a unique as well as attractive look. If there is an annoying stump in your garden, it can also be utilized as a natural flower pot. Dig inside the wood with a DIY crafting chisel until a shallow depth is formed. Add the mixture of soil and manure followed by succulent plant species like spiral aloe, jade plant, tiger tooth, and Haworthia cymbiformis.

4) Patronize the available space

If there is a lawn in a garden, it doesn’t mean that the entire space needs to be filled with grass only. You can utilize the space by making paths with the help of gravels. See the relevant DIY videos that give you different ideas for making a perfect design. Mark a design on the ground and root out the grass. Now fill the area with gravels of any color. If the gravels are sharp and you are looking for a soft option, use pebbles. Not just the middle portion, but corners can also be utilized with bricks structured in unique shapes. Fill the empty space with soil and flourish it with evergreen plants.

5) Drainage clearance

The drainage system of your garden must never block, especially in the monsoon season because it can become the reason for water overflow. Also, the clogged drainage system turns into an ideal habitat for the growth of mosquitos and pests. Use the garden cleaning tools like teeth broom and snap bagger to scratch out all blockages thoroughly.

What to look before hiring a gardening expert?

While hiring a gardening expert, it is important to take care of some important facts that ensure the safety of plants. Read the below instructions carefully.

1) The gardening expert must belong to a certified agency that takes full responsibility for the damage occurs due to negligence.

2) There must be a service warranty of tasks like hedging, pruning and trimming so that you don’t have to face the same issue earlier than expected.

3) There must be time-bound for the completion of the service. Before signing the contract, ask them to mention it clearly.

4) Hire a painting agency that has good reviews on genuine review portals like Yelp and Glassdoor. The feedback of old customers can guide you in the best way whether to hire or not.

5) The agency you are hiring must have proficient painters holding an in-depth understanding of modern and classic painting styles. It would be better to ask them for showing the recently completed paint jobs for quality assurance.

6) The total cost of the service must be mentioned clearly before signing the service contract. Make it clear that there must be no hidden cost to be charged additional service charges.

What to look before implementing a DIY technique in your garden?

Before implementing a DIF technique, you need to be aware of its consequences. Keep one thing in mind that all DIY videos are made by people who have prior experience of doing the same task. After gaining adequate experience, they shoot video in a manner that the task seems very easy. However, you may face some complications while doing it practically. Therefore, it is suggested to do it roughly somewhere else to understand the complications rather than directly implementing in your garden. Their geographical conditions and types of plants also differ from your garden. Such kind of circumstances also affects the success rate of a DIY idea. Start a gardening job only if you have all the essential equipment as some rough practice. The tasks like trimming and pruning need years of experience like JimsMowingMorningtonPeninsula.com.au is holding. Thus, don’t try to make any wrong move that finally lands you in trouble by ruining the entire plant.

Garden is a great place to spend some quality time, but its proper maintenance is essential to keep it maintained as a liveable place. Most of the tasks require professional help, but some smart DIY techniques can simplify the task. You can develop a hobby of gardening as well as it keeps you in touch with Mother Nature.