If you are new to Bingo then this guide to the basics will help to learn about the different variants of the game as well as to discover which type of Bingo game you would like to begin by playing. You may want to start by playing the more traditional of the Bingo games, but there’s nothing from stopping you from starting off with a new version of this fun and easy to play the game. Many secured online bingo sites offer the excitement of the game as if it’s in a casino.

Traditional Bingo

The most traditional style of Bingo played in the UK is 90 ball Bingo. Whether you choose to play in a Bingo hall or online, 90 ball Bingo is the most popular version of the game to play and just as its name states, there are 90 balls involved. This traditional Bingo game has cards created from three rows and nine columns, with each card having 15 numbers for a player to listen out for during the game.

These numbers are pre-printed on to your card and range anywhere from numbers one to 90. If you choose to play 90 ball Bingo online, you can buy a single ticket as previously described, but the most common way to play is to buy a strip. This is where six cards are purchased at the same time, with the same numbers in play but your chance of winning is increased drastically as you have more numbers in play.

To win, you need to be the first to do one of three things. Either, get one line, two lines or a full house. These increase in their size of prize winnings because they increase in their difficulty to be the first to win. Getting a full house will earn you the most financial reward. Lines are won in a horizontal manner and all numbers on the same line must have been drawn for you to be able to win one or two lines.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo is most commonly played with 75 balls and this is also the favorite style of Bingo played in America. If you are learning to play Bingo online has never been in a Bingo hall, this is the variant of Bingo that you will be the most familiar with. Again, as its name states, there are 75 balls in play and this style of Bingo is a lot faster than the traditional 90 ball Bingo.

Online Bingo is played with cards in a 5 by 5 square with the center of the square generally missing a number. There are different variations of ways in which you can win this game generally owing to the speed at which it is played and because it is the online style of game so it has an automatic mark off the system.

This means that there is often only one way in which you are able to win this game, and that is to be the first person to get a full house. This is different from traditional Bingo because there is no way to win one line or two line prize. If you are looking for a more exciting style of Bingo, a great game to play online and a larger potential jackpot prize, this is the style of Bingo for you to look out for! Sites like Boomtownbingo offers a world of online bingo with endless jackpot possibilities.

Online Bingo Alternative

Another popular way to play Bingo online is to play the 80 ball Bingo game which is played using a 4 by 4 ticket. There are 16 squares on each ticket and they all have a number within them between the numbers of one to 80.

There are no blank squares in the style of Bingo as there are in the previously described games. To increase your odds of winning, buy yourself a strip which is five tickets to be in with a greater chance of getting your hands on a prize.

Speaking of winning, there are lots of differ ways in which you can win this style of Bingo which will be described in detail below but these are not the only ways in which you can win at 80 ball Bingo and you should check with the online site you are playing on as to which rules apply for you to be able to win before you start playing:

  • Win on a single line by stamping all of the numbers either horizontally, vertically or diagonally
  • Win on all four corners
  • Win on the center squares
  • Win by getting a full house and marking off all of the numbers on your ticket
  • Win playing columns 80 ball Bingo
  • Win playing patterned 80 ball Bingo where specific patterns can be formed on your card to win the prize when these numbers are marked off.

There are so many different ways in which you can win 80 ball Bingo because there are so many different ways in which it is played. In some games of 80 ball Bingo online, there is only the chance to win once per game, but with other online sites, there are three or more ways in which you can win during every game. Obviously, the more chances you have to win per game increases the likelihood of you actually winning, but it is very subjective as to what style of 80 ball Bingo you prefer.

New Bingo Games Online

A new popular hit with Bingo gamers online is to play 30 balls Bingo. It is enormously simple as you need to be the first player to dab out all of the numbers on your three by three Bingo card in order to win.

Swedish Bingo is another popular but new internet hit which also goes by the name of 5 line Bingo. This game has 75 balls in play through it differs a lot from 75 ball Bingo itself. Along the top of each column is a letter spelling out the word B-I-N-G-O. You can win this style of Bingo by dabbing off one, two, three or four lines, and by getting a full house. This also enables you to spell the word BINGO as well as being in with a chance of shouting it as well. This may be a new Bingo style but it is definitely one of the variants with the greatest number of ways in which you can win.

Which Bingo game are you going to start with?