Impact of Digital Technologies on E-marketing
Impact of Digital Technologies on E-marketing

How Digital Technologies Have Changed the E-Marketing Space

Today, humanity is standing on the edge of a cliff. A cliff that goes all the way down to a place where it won’t be able to distinguish between the virtual and the real. Modern-day digital technologies have infiltrated our personal as well as professional lives in a deep and impactful manner. Experts suggest that within a decade, humans will constantly shift between virtual and augmented reality modules seamlessly without even realizing that they are doing so.

Every professional sector including finance, banking, manufacturing, IT, etc. has seen a tremendous use of digital technologies in the past couple of years. The marketing sector is one of those that has seen major changes too. Here are a few digital technologies have completely transformed the e-marketing space for us today.


Prioritization, The simple key to sustainability lies in prioritizing the more important ‘stuff’ over the less important one. As the most advanced civilization on the planet, we have developed the knack for prioritization since the age of early humans. Running away from danger is the number one priority and it is more important than collecting food. We know this. The survival instincts that humans have passed down over the several centuries still exist in us today. However, today the meaning of prioritization is slightly different.

Every millennial and Gen-X candidate you meet will complain about the lack of time. Although so many things are automated now and available at the flick of a button, we are seeing the constant need for automation in all the different industrial as well as creative sectors. For example, in the e-marketing sector, the email automation and calendar tools have taken up a large load of work off our shoulders. Now, a person does not need to sit in front of the computer screen 24 hours a day 7 days a week just to post content regularly. Tools like Schedulio and Jetpack can easily automate a lot of e-marketing tasks.

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The automation trend has infiltrated the customer support and success sector too. We see a constant rise in the use of humanoid chatbots that leverage the AI and ML technologies to come up with more human-like responses. We are not far away from a future where humans would interact with a robot without even realizing that it is a robot in the first place.

Virtual Reality

The expert marketers say that the best way to sell a product is to let the customers experience it. Today, technology can help you provide a hands-on experience for certain types of products/services with virtual reality. You can essentially provide a free-trial to the people who wish to explore the product/service quickly. Virtual reality can help your end customers make an informed decision on the purchase of a particular product/service.

You can also couple the virtual reality experience with augmented reality in several ways to lure in customers through the technology.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality technology seems like something straight out of a science fiction novel. Today companies like Apple and Motorola are experimenting with this technology to break the thin boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality has endless possibilities in the e-marketing world. It can help you make your customers feel like true superstars catering to the likes of millions of people from a stage.

With augmented reality experience, you can recreate the fictional experience in the real world by just popping on some goggles. Today, this technology is extremely advanced since it is coupled with different types of motion sensors and advanced controls. The augmented reality technology experts know how to simulate the feeling of flying, swimming, driving, etc. within seconds. They have created modules that let the people experience a certain feeling of an adrenaline rush, horror or excitement within a controlled environment.

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Digital marketers have used this technology extensively to stream a virtual product across international borders while controlling the parameters of the technology. Now the audience can pick up a certain product, feel its weight, texture as well as dimensions without really holding the object. The e-marketing space is literally boundary-less with this new experience that brings augmented reality and virtual reality together.

Internet of Things

The best marketers know how to do one thing very well. They know how to process data to its full capability. The internet of things helps the digital marketers bring data from multiple sources together and process it under a single roof. This technology acts like sensory motors that bring useful data for a computer from multiple sources. The internet of things allows devices to communicate autonomously with each other and leverage the computing power effectively.

Now, the organization does not have to own a supercomputer to truly process the data in the most effective manner. In fact, it can leverage all the computers and smart devices at its facility to do small parts of the calculation and leverage the computing power of every device simultaneously. With the internet of things, the use of technology seems limitless in the digital marketing space since it helps you bring the ‘purchase-intent’ queues from multiple devices spread across the planet.

The digital marketers can use this technology to its full potential by running targeted remarketing campaigns on multiple devices. For example, multiple devices on an Android platform are linked together with the same Gmail account. These devices store small packets of data whenever you browse the internet with them. These packets of data are now directly linked to your account instead of the device itself. So, if you searched for camping boots on your tablet device, you will still see ads for the camping boots on your smartphone as well as the desktop interface. The device-agnostic features of this technology help you leverage every possible screen and audio podcast to push the product into the mind of the customer.

Big Data

While talking about the internet of things technology, we talked about a computing powerhouse that can process of the data effectively to make sense out of it. This is where the Big Data technology comes into the picture. This technology helps you converted the unstructured data into a structured format so that you can put your human resources as well as software robots into action. Both these resources can process the structured data in an effective manner to bring a sense of uniformity and extract the ‘purchase-intent’ data.

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Companies are ready to pay millions of dollars to individuals as well as organizations that can use the Big Data technology to its full potential. This technology can revamp the entire e-marketing space by analysing the trends and make projections through its computing power. Without the presence of this technology, you can easily lose track of the data and let it go to waste. On the other hand, if you can leverage this data in an effective manner, you can get an insight into the minds of the customer. You can pinpoint the exact needs of the customer even before the customer realizes the need. This data can help in remarketing campaigns as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities with e-marketing.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing (SMM) is quickly picking up the pace and competing with the search engine marketing (SEM) today. Today Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing hold almost an equal amount of value in the eyes of a smart digital marketer. However, there is a huge price difference between the services. The Facebook marketing campaigns are available at a fraction of the price of Google AdWords marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of one of the most successful marketing agencies in the world Vaynermedia, suggests that this is the perfect time for business owners to purchase ad spaces on Facebook. He strongly believes that Facebook advertisements can help the business owners reach the farthest corners of the market effectively at extremely small prices. He also says that Facebook marketing is highly underrated and that the prices will soon rise to extravagant amounts. Gary urges the e-marketing community to take Facebook marketing seriously and leverage it to its maximum potential before the prices hit the sky.

Social media marketing is not only limited to Facebook. The best digital marketers know how to diversify the investment into different social media platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For B2B companies Gary suggests that LinkedIn is the best way to reach out to the decision makers quickly and effectively.

Brand Establishment

E-marketing is all about establishing a brand image in the market today. Unlike the ancient barter system, we live in an age where the prices of commodities skyrocket overnight. Remember the Bitcoin fiasco? Almost overnight the value of Bitcoin jumped by 400% thereby attracting more and more customers to it. However, a couple of days later Bitcoin crashed equally hard.

Social media and e-marketing give you a potential to not only follow the existing trends on the internet but create your own trends. You can leverage the technological aspects of e-marketing tools to make millions of dollars without even getting out of bed. By leveraging the latest technologies in the market, you can easily beat the competition to a pulp without lifting a finger.

Today, the internet provides a fair playground for all the competitors in the space. You can go head to head with Amazon or Apple still come out on top with limited resources. If you can think creatively and establish your brand quickly on the internet, you can leverage the brand name to make quick bucks out of thin air.


The key to good e-marketing is personalization. People don’t want to read generic content. The best digital marketers know that people don’t purchase a service/product because it is useful. They purchase it because it makes them feel good and special. E-marketing helps you target those feel-good vibes with the customers and make sure that you can leverage that into ‘purchase-intent’ queues.

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Today, more information is available at the tip of your fingertips than ever before. Try searching for a simple keyword on Google. Search ‘dogs’. You will come up with billions of different results in less than a second. Now every person who searches ‘dogs’ on the internet is not the ideal customer for a person who is trying to sell high-quality dog food. In fact, only a very small percentage of this audience is searching for dog food.

Personalizing your campaign for people who are searching for dog food is the only way you can get a good return on investment. The keyword ‘dog’ can cost upwards of several thousand dollars. However, the keyword ‘high-quality dog food for puppies’ will cost only a few hundred dollars. Focusing on long-tail keywords with the Google AdWords platform is one of the simplest ways to get an excellent return on investment.

Artificial Intelligence

Human intelligence is at its peak today. That is why we have created artificial intelligence. While computers cannot think logically yet, they are great at analyzing data in a rule-based environment. Artificial intelligence can help you pick up the traits of products that your audience desires. It can help you make the best of limited resources and data in a comprehensible manner.

Coupling this technology with Machine Learning elements can help you open whole new doors to opportunities that you did not know existed in the digital marketing space.

Cloud Technologies

Almost all technologies mentioned in this list have the potential to come together on a singular platform with advanced cloud technologies. Something as basic as Google drive can help a digital marketer streamline a series of documents. On the other hand, the complex implementation of cloud technologies can help organizations create an entire ecosystem of virtual machines that work seamlessly with each other.

It is normal if you feel that these technologies are complicated right now. However, once you start implementing them in your day to day e-marketing strategies, you can see that they are in fact simple and useful. If you are not sure which technology will help you today, start with cloud computing. It is the simplest concept that you can explore for free.