Women are not the only people on Earth who enjoy jewelry. Many guys have a soft spot for trinkets, too. For a male, it is ok to wear a gold or silver chain around his neck. This accessory is able to become an elegant complement to the outfit or an eye-catching accent of your look.

While girls gravitate toward gold, the majority of men prefer silver. Its color doesn’t distract attention from a person who wears it. It will match clothes in any style and color. It looks great with other accessories featuring silvery finishing. Finally, silver is much cheaper than gold – this is often the decisive factor for people hunting down fancy jewelry.

Types of Chain Weaving

The most popular necklace design is hands down chain necklace. There are about 70 varieties of weavings, some of those are considerate to be exclusively men’s although the majority of weavings are unisex. In a chain necklace, links may have a different shape – twisted, rope-like, round, diamond-shaped, oval, rectangular, etc.

There are many popular men’s weavings. Our top-3 leaders are:

• Bismarck weaving. It is much loved due to its durability. Bismarck chains, which resemble complex spirals, are assembled exclusively by hand.

• Curb weaving. In Curb (or Cuban) chain necklaces, links have a slightly flattened appearance. There can be two or even three rows of links – the more, the sturdier.

• Despite being rather simple, anchor weaving is considered to be one of the most stylish. Anchor chains feature oval links connected at the 90-degree angle. Such necklaces can look extremely appealing when featuring various link shapes and thicknesses.

Thin or Thick?

If you enjoy a thick and massive necklace, let it rest solo upon your chest. It doesn’t require any help from pendants or auxiliary necklaces to draw in looks. On the contrary, think pieces will look great if combined with silver men’s pendants. You can even go for double or triple pendants if they blend well with each other.

Slim and tall men will benefit from thin necklaces. Burly pieces look too heavy on a slender body. We recommend sticking to simple weavings that go well with pendants. Leather cord necklaces will look great, too.

Thin chain necklaces won’t fit full-bodied guys. They will just get lost in a massive neck or chest. If you are lucky to have a strong physique, it is best for you to opt for a chunky solid item.

The Matter of Price

There are several factors affecting pricing. The most obvious factors are weight and length – the longer and thicker an item, the more expensive it will cost. The most popular chain sizes are around 20-22 inches, but their weight may dramatically vary. If an item is burly but hollow, its price will be lesser than that of a solid piece.

Design and weaving type also affect the price tag. If a product is made by hand, you’ll definitely have to fork out. For example, Anchor-style chain will carry a more economical price than a Bismarck necklace of the same length and weight.

The silver content in a necklace plays its role as well. Most jewelry pieces are made of 925 sterling silver. They will carry a 925 hallmark. There are other types of silver on the market, including 960, 875, 830, 800, etc. They contain less silver per gram, meaning their price is cheaper. Pure silver is marked as 999, but it is never used to craft men’s jewelry for everyday wear.