Very few factories and assembly plants today would be able to run efficiently without lift tables. This equipment has enormously impacted on productivity on the production floor. In addition, lift tables help to boost workers’ morale as they help to reduce injuries and make work easier.

Having the lift table is the right step in your quest for industrial success. Being able to use the lift table safely matters a lot. When used the right way, it aids in reducing muscular-skeletal disorders. This is the most common injury among warehousing and factory workers.

MSD complications are caused by strain due to overexertion when lifting objects in the workplaces such as warehouses and assembly lines. With equipment that makes lifting easier and safer, MSD issues would cease to be a problem.

The Power Zone

The power zone is that area between your shoulders and knees. When you lift heavy weights, your power zone goes through a lot of bending and lifting. When these motions are performed repeatedly, there is a high possibility of developing MSD complications.

A lift table takes over the lifting thus ensuring that workers are not engaged in needless bending and reaching. The power zone is identified as crucial with regard to ergonomic performance as well as safety.

Using a Lift Table Safely

As mentioned earlier, lift tables come with benefits such as boosting worker safety and morale. Nevertheless, they are specialized equipment which means they must be operated correctly. You must strive to learn and understand your lift table in order to use it properly.

The following tips will help you use your lift table safely.

Buy the Right Type of Equipment

Purchase the right lift table equipment and for the right purposes. Using the wrong equipment can be detrimental to the safety of the operators. In addition, you must ensure that the lift table is used in the right environment.

Further, using the wrong table is a violation of industry regulations. You may find yourself in a spot of trouble with the authorities.

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Do Not Overload Your Lift Table

An overloaded lift table presents some exceedingly dangerous possibilities in the workplace. Each table comes with the recommended maximum capacity from the manufacturer. You should not, under any circumstances, exceed that.

  • It can cause serious injuries to the operators and other workers
  • It can destroy the product
  • It may damage your business premises

All of the above scenarios could cause losses due to compensation and repairs. Your product could also be damaged.

Place Your Load Properly

If your load is not placed properly, it could tip the table and slip off. Lift operators must learn how to place loads correctly. If a load is placed off-center, for instance, it will tip on the heavier side. The load may slip off mid-air and cause untold damage.

Table surface

The surface of the lift table should not be too smooth. Grippy surfaces are the best because friction contact keeps the load secure on the table as it goes up. An oily or wet surface will not hold the load in place.


Anyone handling a lift must be trained adequately. The training is handled by a supervisor or an experienced worker. The trainee must satisfactorily demonstrate that they have can handle it before they handling one on their own.

Manufacturer’s Manual

Anything you need to know with regard to your lift table is contained in the manufacturer’s manual. It details how to operate and maintain your lift equipment. The manual should be availed to everyone that operates the lift table.


It is not easy to run a warehouse without a lift table or in certain cases, more than one. This is because any heavy lifting is a potential health hazard to the warehouse workers. While a lift table comes with many benefits, it is equally dangerous to operate one without adequate knowledge.