Wildhound Derby slot

The global pandemic has seen a substantial increase in the number of players joining up with online casinos. Enjoying a flutter is every gamer’s prerogative and with the vast amount of real-life casinos still out of action due to various COVID-related restrictions, online is by far the best and most convenient way to get your kicks.

But where on Earth do you start when it comes to playing games?

Many players start their online gaming careers by looking up guides on live casinos to give them some idea of what to do and what to look for. But casinos can be a sizable place, which is why we have narrowed down all the information you’re going to need to get started on mastering the slots.

But be warned, whether you know them as slots, fruit machines, or another name altogether, there’s no get rich quick scheme with slots, and not every player will rake in the big jackpots.

Types of slot machines

Like any game at a casino, slot machines have their own variations, giving players a different playing experience, and of course, different odds to win back some pennies.

Though many games will have the same kind of concept with reels and lining them up correctly to win, there are three main types of slots you can play while using an online casino.

Progressive slots

Definitely a favorite across the board, progressive slots are the games where you could potentially win some serious money.

Linked up between all the casinos which are using the game on a daily basis, every time a player makes a spin, some money goes towards a progressive jackpot that keeps on building up and up until there is a win. A good example is the Microgaming Mega Moolah progressive jackpot network which can award tens of millions.

Sometimes in the thousands or millions, the ultimate jackpots are triggered in different ways depending on the individual game, but players may often have the chance to win more than one kind of jackpot.

Use Free Bets & Bookmaker Offers

Before you play at any online casino or UK bookmaker, you should check to see which has the best free bets and sign-up bonuses. Many of the UK online betting sites will offer you an incentive for signing up. This could be some free bets, free spins, match deposit bonuses, or more!

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Multiplier slots

Different from the progressive jackpot, players using multiplier slots have the opportunity to double, triple, or even quadruple their potential winnings. Most slots multiply the spin bet, so you might be wondering what makes a multiplier slot different? It is the multiplier it adds to the features. For example, a wild symbol helping to complete a combination may add an x2 or x2 multiplier, or free spins win may apply multipliers. A popular multiplier feature comes with ‘Rolling Reels’ or ‘Tumbling Reels’ features which give players additional multipliers every time a new win is produced from the feature.

Not always obvious on first look, multipliers aren’t always readily available but can be triggered through spins or even bonus rounds.

Video slots

By far one of the most commonly seen video slots makes use of buttons rather than levers to spin the reels. Usually featuring five reels, players keep spinning to trigger bonus rounds or match up winning icons on any of the winning lines. Players also have the chance to increase their bet to win more, but sometimes have an appealing low bet to encourage players with a smaller budget.

Winning on video slots

With so many types of online slots, there will always be room for change on how players can win, but the general concept is often kept largely the same.

Before starting out with a slot, all online casinos will require that you make a deposit into your account in order to start playing the games. This is quite normal.

Once you have whittled down the options and chosen your slot for the evening, it’s time to place a bet. Many slots have price options, if you are relatively new at spinning slots it may be wise to stay at the minimum bet to begin with while you’re testing the waters.

Now it’s time to start spinning. On most occasions there will be some form of payout table, telling you which order the icons to have to be in order for you to make a win. Using this as guidance, you will soon start to know whether you have a winning combination, the video slot will usually tell you anyway.

The amount you win often depends on which icons you line up. Bigger wins are usually harder to trigger.

Bonuses and special features

Every slot is different, but all players love the additional features and bonuses included in the gameplay.

Triggered by often unknown combinations during ‘standard’ gameplay, bonus rounds and features offer new mini-games of luck to potentially get the player some higher wins. The player could potentially risk any winnings for a higher stake, but remember you don’t win every time.

Payout percentages

Needing a little more digging around than physically seeing the stats displayed on a real slot machine, payout percentages are also known as RTPs or return to player.

The percentage for slots is generally found between 82 and 98 percent, meaning for every currency of 1 played, up to 0.98 of that cash is paid back to the player at some point when triggered with the reels. To get the best payout, it’s good practice to take a look at the slots and their figures before gaming sessions.