Learning new skills is one of the biggest advantages of playing simulator games. If you discover a new hobby or are eager to work in a particular field, then it may be worth your while to spend some time on a simulator game and see how you actually feel about it.

Sure, a simulation is not the same as real life, but you can still determine whether a profession or a hobby is worth pursuing. Besides, most simulation games are cheap, meaning that you will not have to invest a lot of money.

Farming Simulators

Let’s start with farming simulators. FS22 is one of the most anticipated games in the simulator gaming community. In fact, modders are already preparing FS22 Mods ideas that will improve the overall playing experience even further thanks to new vehicles, character skins, and maps.

Now, you do not have to aspire to become a farmer to appreciate the simplicity of the Farming Simulator. If anything, this game works best as a way to escape from reality. Driving around sowing seeds or harvesting plants is an enjoyable experience. And if you dreamed about living on a farm when you were a child, then you are in luck.

Sports Simulators

Sports simulators are popular as well. In fact, Football Manager is one of the most popular games on Steam as far as concurrent players go. And then you have games like NFL Manager or MLB Manager.

Aspiring to become a professional coach is a big dream, but there is no denying that manager games are a great starting point. They do not replicate the real-world experience, but you can still learn a lot about tactics, formations, team talk, and other important things that a proper sports team manager should have.

Cooking Simulators

Some would say that if you want to learn to cook, you need the first-hand experience. In other words, going to a store, purchasing products, and spending time in the kitchen.

On the other hand, buying real products might be a waste of money if you have no cooking skills, not to mention the potential mess you will make in the kitchen.

If you wish, you could take things slowly and try learning some basics with a cooking simulator first. And once you get the basics down, you can move to more complicated stuff or switch to cooking in your kitchen instead of a virtual one.

Driving Simulators

To become a driver and get your license, you will need to spend time driving a real car with a proper instructor. However, since this is something that requires a lot of practice, there is no shame in spending some time on a simulator game, especially if it emphasizes road signs rather than the driving process itself.

Besides, there are plenty of simulation games that let you drive heavy machinery. Euro Truck Simulator is a great example of this since the game lets you experience what it is like to work as a truck driver who delivers goods across Europe.

Surgery Simulators

Both medical students and professional surgeons spend time on Surgeon Simulator to get a better grasp on surgery intricacies that they find difficult. There is no need to risk real people when you can perform simulations and find the best way to carry out your surgery.

And even if you do not plan to attend a med school or become a surgeon yourself, you should still find some enjoyment playing Surgeon Simulator and learning something new about your body.

Survival Simulators

The odds of you landing on an isolated island as the sole survivors of an airplane crash are pretty slim. Nevertheless, it can still be fun to discover what survival simulator games have to offer if you wish to learn some new skills.

Hunting, gathering, building a raft, and making fire are just a few examples of useful real-life skills that such video games teach. And if nothing else, you can have some fun with a survival simulator by pretending that you indeed ended up in a desolated location with nobody but yourself to get you out of the terrible situation.

Building Simulators

Creative players have lots of fun with building simulators. Take Minecraft, for instance. It is one of the best-selling video games in recent years despite its poor graphics. There is something special about having opportunities to realize your desire to build something great.

Besides, there are more games than just Minecraft. Some simulation games target specific building types, such as barns or skyscrapers.

It is also worth mentioning that a building simulator could offer more than just a simple building creation. If you were to play something like City Skylines, you could create an entire city rather than just separate buildings and experience what it is like to be an architect.