Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development
Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

Over the past several years artificial intelligence (AI) is making news that concerns every technology brand and tech thinkers. Now, after being hounded by everybody as the next big tech trend, AI is finally here and along with machine learning (ML) technology is poised to transform all our digital and mobile interactions. The most significant impact of AI is yet to come, and many predict it would be on mobile apps. This is precisely why we are here to evaluate the effects of AI on mobile app development.

Where AI stands now in the mobility market?

Mobile apps are utilizing AI for some time. It has played a crucial role in helping marketers for promotions particularly. AI-based recommendations and personalized notification messages are two closest examples of how marketers and businesses have extensively used AI for boosting sales. But AI based marketing is not the only promise left for the mobile apps of the future. AI is also now a crucial technology for more informed design and development decisions.

As the mobile app market is continuously shifting towards more personalization and audience-specific user interference and user experience, AI became the most relevant technology to drive personalization with a slew of data-driven user insights. AI will also play a crucial role in fast pacing the development process by minimizing unwanted human errors and also by automating many smaller and repetitive tasks through automated reasoning.

Let us now explain some of the key areas where the impact of artificial intelligence on mobile app development is most visible.

Automated Reasoning Solving Many Problems

AI is equipped with automated reasoning to help to solve problems very logically without relying on human input. Automated reasoning us all about the logical understanding of relations, priorities and several values. It mimics human intelligence when it comes to reasoning capability and always helps to take the best decision in any situation. The way Uber detects the best route for travel is an excellent example of how automated reasoning can be used for the benefit of mobile app users.

Meeting User Expectations

Artificial intelligence having been already used by a plethora of mobile apps across the niches mainly helps to make the apps more user-friendly and convenient. Well, meeting user expectations is one of the crucial reasons to use artificial intelligence in mobile apps. To build a significant competitive presence, the first thing an app needs to do is to deliver a user interface and experience that the users instantly find engaging. AI with precise insights gathered from user data can help app developers doing so.

Using the machine learning algorithm the developer of an MVP app can quickly get to know the typical user pain points and the areas where users are showing the highest interest. The user data and the feedback from the machine learning algorithm, both together can help developers to fine-tune and make value additions with subsequent releases and make the app more user-optimized. By utilizing AI and machine learning the developers can build apps capable of fitting into a variety of needs and user preferences. AI-based apps can also open up the scope of personalization for mobile apps.

Creating a User-Centric Search and Browsing Function

One of the most significant impacts of using artificial intelligence in mobile apps is the creation of a search function and query solving mechanism that accommodates particular user inputs. Through natural language processing technology an AI-powered algorithm can easily understand the specific user intents in spite of all the differences in voice and choice of words.

An AI-based search function can always deliver results that are more appropriate to a particular user. AI can also help a mobile commerce app giving browsing results specific to user preferences. This helps in generating more user engagement and is likely to result in more significant business results.

Making Development Tasks Easier and Faster

A crucial benefit of utilizing AI in mobile application development is the tremendous pace and ease of development it provides. An AI engine can easily take care of several repetitive and mundane tasks while the developers and designers can focus on more crucial development and design tasks.

No Development Errors

AI is particularly useful where you need to ensure precision and accuracy. AI can minimize the scope of development errors to a minimum. While a wrong value or a number set up somewhere can destroy the whole process and can lead to indefinite delay, AI can help to deal with such errors that are common in development process sans automation tools.

Personalization is The Key

Artificial Intelligence has become the most significant technology to take user experience to the next level just because it opened up a new vista of personalization. As businesses now need more customer engagement and regular traction, addressing every customer need and preference individually became a necessity soon. AI equipped to provide data-driven insights about every user can help a business deliver personalized user experience through mobile apps.


Too many startups, big brands, and emerging companies have embraced AI for their mobile apps to achieve quick traction and steady engagement. While AI is being adopted by developers all over the world to meet user expectations, AI-based tools are also being increasingly popular to shorten the development cycle and deliver the most effective solutions at a competitive cost. AI is here to stay and will continue to transform mobile apps in the future.

About the Author:

Juned Ghanchi is the head of marketing and co-founder at Indian App Developers, a prominent mobile app development company in India. He has provided mobile app solutions to a range of start-up companies to major brands for their business growth.