Modelling Agencies
Modelling Agencies

Having an agent is a must if you want to break into the modeling industry with a bang. With the help of one of the best modelling agencies for teens, you will land jobs that will help to launch your career and brand. Your agent will also ensure that you get paid what you deserve and that you are safe and protected in all your modeling jobs.

Moreover, with a top agent, you will be able to book more prestigious, highly sought-after modeling gigs—jobs that will take you to different places and help propel you to the top.

Having one of the most exclusive modeling agents represent you, though, won’t be as easy as signing up an online form on the agency’s website. They have a rigorous selection process. If you want to be a talent of the best modeling agencies, work on having and improving these important qualities:

Great posture

A good posture is one of the first things that most agents require from their potential talent. This is because your posture will tell them immediately if you have a strong walk.

You can show you have a good posture by keeping your back straight and your shoulders back and relaxed during meetings or interviews. Make sure are always in command of your body every time you meet an agent.


Agencies expect all models to be punctual, whether they are newbies or already pros.

Showing up early for a meeting or interview will prove to an agent that you are really interested to be a professional model. It is a sign of courtesy and respect as well.

If you have the bad habit of always being tardy, start changing it now. Make sure you arrive at the agency’s office or at auditions and go-sees 10 to 15 minutes early.


If you want to be taken seriously as a teen model, don’t show up at meetings with your prospective agent lazy or lethargic. Even if you’re really tired, show the agent that you are lively and full of energy.

You can show your enthusiasm and energy by smiling throughout the meeting. Answer questions with vigor as well. Avoid answering questions with a shrug or with one-word responses.

Being outgoing will also show your prospective agent that you have good communication skills and that you really aspire to be a professional model.

Pleasant disposition

Being nice and polite is important if you want to get signed by a renowned modeling agent. Having a spiteful, sarcastic attitude won’t help you score points with any agent. If you argue with agents whenever you get negative criticisms, you are showing that you are a difficult person to work with.

From the start, show the agent that you can take directions and are willing to comply with the requirements of the industry. Even if you receive a harsh critique, don’t argue with the agent or show him or her and the other people around that you are upset.

Even in the most stressful situation, keep your attitude pleasant. Always look at the positive side of things and love yourself.


Being meek and shy won’t get you anywhere in the world of modeling. As such, it is important that you always ooze with confidence whenever you meet an agent.

You can show your confidence through your body language and the way you speak.

If you think your confidence could use a boost, practice your poses and walk before an audition or meeting your agent. Asking a parent or friend to help you practice for interviews will help you be more confident as well.

However, be careful not to come across as over-confident. This can be misconstrued as arrogant which is also an undesirable attribute when it comes to working with clients.


The most sought-after models today are those that can interpret different roles according to client or brand needs.

Having the ability to change your facial expression to meet the nature or requirements of the client or product is something that will help you find success as a teen model. If you have a talent for posing and moving your body in unconventional ways, you will have a bigger chance of signing up with a well-known talent modeling agency.


Today, all modeling agencies expect their models to be professional at all times. Self-proclaimed divas simply do not have a place in the modeling industry now.

Show your potential agent that you are professional even if you are still a teenager and only starting in the fashion industry. This means treating meetings with agents like actual job interviews.

Start by researching the agency before the meeting and arriving early. Listen to your agent, take notes when necessary, and ask questions if you need to.

Once you have signed up with an agent, continue demonstrating and working on these skills and qualities. When you do this, you won’t have any place to go but up in the exciting and glamorous world of modeling.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specializing in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties, and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.