About 24% of people say paying for prescription drugs is difficult, and 10% call it very difficult.

Whether you fall in that category or just want some smart money tips to save on prescriptions, you can do several things to lower your cost.

Using money-saving tips ensures you can afford the drugs you need to maintain your health.

Use these tips to save on drugs.

Shop Around

Trying different pharmacies could result in different pricing for your prescriptions. Check with local pharmacies and mail-order options through your insurance.

Online pharmacies are also an option that can often save you money since they have lower overhead. Consider online Canadian pharmacies such as PricePro Pharmacy when comparing drug prices. You can often find your drugs for cheaper than what you pay at American pharmacies.

Ordering online also saves you time and gas money. Your prescriptions come to your door instead of requiring you to go to the pharmacy.

Ask for Generics

If your prescription is available as a generic, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can switch. When lots of companies make generic versions, you can usually get the drug for 85% cheaper than the original brand-name drug.

The formulation and review processes are the same for generics as they are the brand-name version. They have to offer the same active ingredients, effectiveness, dose, form, administration route and use indications.

Sometimes you can ask your doctor for a different drug that does the same thing. Doctors usually have multiple medication options to treat the same condition. If a cheaper drug is available that would provide the same treatment, your doctor might consider switching you.

Get a Longer Prescription

If you’re refilling your prescription every month, you might be paying more than necessary.

Prescriptions are often cheaper when you fill them for 90 days at a time instead of only 30 days.

To figure out if it’s a saving, ask for the 30-day and 90-day prices. Divide your 90-day prescription price by three. If it’s less than the 30-day cost, refilling every 90 days is cheaper.

Use Discount Programs

Discount programs such as free prescription discount cards can save you money if you don’t have good insurance coverage. Read the restrictions and details to ensure you know how you can use the discount card.

Some drug manufacturers offer coupons for brand-name drugs that make them more affordable.

You might also find that some pharmacies give you a better deal when you pay for your prescription in cash rather than going through your insurance company.

Find Assistance

If you’re low income, you might qualify for drug assistance programs. You can find them at the state and local levels to help offset drug costs for low-income individuals.

Some drug manufacturers have their own drug discount programs for low-income consumers. You might also find local nonprofit organizations that support the assistance programs.

Follow Smart Money Tips for Prescriptions

Putting smart money tips into practice eases the strain that prescription drugs can put on your budget. Try multiple money-saving tips to lower your prescription costs more.

Then head to our money archives for more savings tips.