If it’s true that people judge a book by its cover, it’s also true that they’ll judge your business by your logo.

In fact, most people will form an opinion about your logo in less than 10 seconds. That means it’s absolutely vital that your logo conveys the right message about your brand.

Whether you’re starting a new company or rebranding an existing one, a bold, catchy logo is a must. What can you do if you’re stumped for business logo ideas?

In this post, we’ll walk you through some design basics that will help you come up with a solid idea for your business logo. Read on for inspiration!

Select the Right Type of Logo

The first decision you need to make is what type of logo to design. Logos fall into one of five categories:

  • Wordmark (eBay, Google, NASA)
  • Letterform (McDonald’s, Honda)
  • Pictoral (Apple, Twitter)
  • Abstract (Chase Bank, Nike)
  • Emblem (Starbucks, Harley Davidson)

Because the best business logos are so memorable, you can likely envision each of these logos in your mind. Research your competitors’ logos and branding schemes to get an idea of what’s working for others.

Remember that you’ll use your chosen logo in all of your marketing plans, from business cards to your company website. If you don’t have a clear marketing strategy in mind, you can use marketing plan templates to organize your ideas.

Consider the Emotional Impact

Designing a logo isn’t about choosing your favorite color or making something look “pretty.”

The strongest business logo ideas factor in color psychology and other subconscious reactions. In fact, 85% of consumers say that color influenced their decision to buy a product.

Before you decide on a color scheme, play around with different shades, tints, and combinations. Blue conveys that your brand is trustworthy, while red is known to excite and motivate.

People associate shapes with meaning, too. Circles represent completeness or community, while squares are associated with balance and reliability.

Don’t Overdo It

A rookie mistake many make during the design process is trying to cram too many elements into a logo.

You may love the idea of a palm tree, a boat, ocean waves, and a dolphin for your marine charter business. But if you try to include all those elements in your logo design, you’ll only end up with a cluttered mess.

Think about the most powerful logos in the world, such as McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh. They’re memorable and impactful because of their simplicity.

The best logo design ideas for business are clear and direct, giving consumers instant insight into your brand’s message.

What Will You Do With These Business Logo Ideas? 

So, what’s the takeaway? The best business logo ideas are bold, fresh, and memorable.

Start by deciding which type of logo suits your brand image best, whether it’s a wordmark, abstract, or emblem. Narrow down your color, shape, and font options, keeping in mind the emotional impact of your choices.

Finally, remember that the most powerful logos are usually the simplest. A clear, attractive logo design is all you need to tell your brand’s story.

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