Rhinoplasty is a surgery that can give you results that are dramatic, satisfying, and very positive. But to have surgery is not enough. Once you are done with surgery you leave for home and begin your recovery. Rhinoplasty Toronto suggests that maintaining these new changes and actualizing these results will be all up to you.

So there are some things you must avoid as follows;

1. Strenuous activities

After the surgery, the doctor will tell you to skip the gym and stay away from exercising over a few weeks. Other activities like lifting heavy weights, jogging, aerobic exercises, running, and high impact walking should be avoided. Intense physical movements like pulling, bending, pushing, and things that exert pressure should also be avoided for the first 2 weeks. By the third week, most patients would feel well enough to start resuming physical activities. But, it should be done once the plastic surgeon has done all the inspection. After the nose reshaping surgery, swimming must be avoided for 2 months. It’s because the cast that’s placed on your nose needs to stay dry unless and until it is removed. If you are a basketball player then definitely you have to stay away from this sport for at least 4-6 months.

2. Sexual activity

Though it might sound weird many rhinoplasty surgeons suggest you stay away from sexual activity to a minimum within the first 3 weeks following surgery. But, you would be encouraged to take small walks within the house to prevent forming dangerous blood clots.

3. Blowing your nose

Blowing your nose is very essential once you catch an allergy, cold, or the flu virus. So that this can be downright dangerous for patients who’ve just received a rhinoplasty, you’ll need to wash your hands regularly and avoid anyone who might be ill. However, some people, after surgery feel more comfortable carrying a hand sanitizer with them to kill germs in their immediate environment. Take sincere care of yourself to avoid getting caught from an illness during the very early weeks of recovery.

To further lower the chances of bleeding and swelling, your doctor at Rhinoplasty Toronto may ask that you follow precautions for several weeks after surgery.

Apart from this, there are several other things to be taken care of after rhinoplasty as mentioned below;

  • As you have bandages on your nose, it’s better to take a bath rather than showers.
  • Don’t blow your nose.
  • Always eat high fiber food like vegetables and fruits to avoid constipation. Constipation would cause you to strain, putting pressure on the surgery site.
  • Smiling and laughing are extreme facial expressions spots better to avoid them.
  • If you are brushing then do it gently as you have to move your upper lip slowly.
  • Wear clothes like a shirt or get fastened by the front. Don’t wear clothing like shirts or sweaters, over your head.