The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries. Every 1 out of 6 persons alive today is directly or indirectly involved in the fashion industry.

Fashion today has become bold and the younger generation doesn’t shy to wear what they like. It is the essence of an individual’s personality and belief. Designers too predict the designs for the seasons and create clothing that they think will be welcomed by the people. However, it is the actors, musicians, politicians, famous personalities other cultural icons that we tend to follow.

Fashion has always dominated our society. The clothes people wear at home and outside reflect their attitude. Fashion also tends to separate two groups of people. For instance, a teen college going girl will be seen wearing short pants along with a cold shoulder top and a pair of sneakers while an office going woman despite looking quite young would easily be distinguished from her as she would be probably be wearing a pair of formal pants or a skirt with a shirt along with stilettoes.

Fashion is one’s spirit – their CHI. Fashion speaks, it can be a modest murmur, an energetic scream, or an all eloquent sparkle and a smile. Fashion is being comfortable with oneself, transforming self-image into an individual style.

So, what do you expect the mannequins and brightly lit displays in those clothing stores and other fashion outlets to be wearing this year? Based on the many fashion shows that have been held let us have a look at the fashion trends that you should expect in the summer and spring of 2020. Live kasino together with fashion is growing quickly.

1. Highlighter Colors are Not Done Yet!

All the neon colors – pink, green, orange, yellow and blue have dominated several catwalks. The color green especially is definitely going to make a major splash this year. Models flaunted sandals and dresses in neon shades in the London Fashion Week, UK and designers like Courreges and Tom Ford used the colors to drape the models in their designs. The neon hue is for the bold and adventurous. They bring out the flair in you. Those that like to keep their dressing subtle must definitely add a dash of neon colors through their accessories.

2. Tiers and Ruffles

Tulle was ruling the fashion industry off lately, but the designers have come up with something more exciting. They have improvised by adding tiers to the dresses. The dresses offer volume, twirl and give you a unique look. Designers like Dior, Oscar de la Renta and McQueen gave their audience beautiful tier dresses. Tiered skirts worn with crop tops will give you a cute and flirty look. Remember the bridesmaid from the ’80s wore ruffled dresses? They are back now and models were seen exhibiting beautiful mesh ruffled tier dresses in the London Fashion Week. Ruffles look great on formal tops – women must have at least one in their cupboard. Pick white!

3. Neutrals Never Disappoint

The runways for the summer spring collections this year were filled with naturally elegant neutral looks. Whether it is a neutral satin crop top or a neutral shaded fine sweater, neutral shades never fail you. The ramps were flooded with models that had neutral looks and they looked fabulously classy in their attire. Wear a short pleated skirt with a satin blouse for a romantic date or a short satin blouse with a pair of loose denim and you are going to look ravishing.

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4. Vest it Up!

If you want to borrow something from your boyfriend then steal their vest. There is something quite appealing and dapper about it. You will not fail to flatter the eyes that lay on you if you carry that vest flawlessly. Wear those suits to the office but layer them with a vest. Not to forget those pencil skirts, you can also mismatch the colors for a different look. Don’t just stick to wearing it for formal occasions, you can always have something new for the street style look. Wear a funky streamlined vest with a pair of pants and a printed blouson. Gucci, Rag & Bone, Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs made sure they gave their consumers a variety of vests and different ways to wear them.

5. Leather, Colorful Leather

Leather is the happening fabric of the year. It is not just available in blacks, maroons, and browns but in bright colors such as Fuschia pink, bright blue, yellow and orange. Grab brighter jackets and buy different colored long leather coats. Belts, buttons, floral prints, or fur must be used as highlights on your leather clothing. They will go with skirts, denim and can even be used as a dress. Be innovative with leather clothing – for it is definitely going to be a trendsetter this year. Sally LaPointe, Bottega Veneta and Coach 1941 all used leather on the ramps of Paris and New York.

6. Get Dotty with Polkas

Christian Lacroix, Carolina Herrera, and Dries Van Noten all used polka dots on the runaways. They alleviated polkas from being tiny to chic. Polka dots were big and small, on dresses and sweaters and on hats and sandals. Models ramp-walked in sheer polka dot dresses and skirts, revealing to the audience how ecstatic you could look if you made way for a piece of polka clothing in your wardrobe. Buy a graphic polka dot mid-length dress and pair it with those strappy Roman sandals for a day outing with your girlfriends or wear a satin polka shirt with a trouser for your office meeting.

7. Crochet

Crochet is on the rise and has already got an update for this spring. Evening wear, feminine dresses and polished suits feel modern with a special touch of crochet. Crochet has never been out of fashion. This has always been around in some way and this year designers Jil Sander, Fendi, Gabriela Hearst, and Salvator Ferragamo improvised on their designs and gave you better ways on how to wear them. These beautiful pieces of netted thread can be passed down to generations that will always be able to cherish it.

Now you know what to buy for your wardrobe this year!