Do you need extra cash? One of the proven ways to get extra income is to have a part-time job. You’ll be surprised that many part time jobs actually pay well. Here are some of your best options.

Customer service representative

If you’re an outgoing individual who loves talking to people, then you can work as a customer service representative. Your main task is to talk to customers on behalf of the company. You can talk to customers in person, over the phone, or online. Patience and familiarity with the company and the industry is needed in this job since you’re expected to address their concerns and answer their questions. Having a high school diploma is enough for you to become a customer service representative.


If you are naturally fond of children and have a knack for taking care of them, then you can apply as a nanny. The main duty of a nanny is to provide childcare within a designated time period. You’re expected to feed the children, bathe them, and put them down for naps. You may also need to help with the kids’ homework and organize playtime activities. Some households also require their nannies to drive kids to and from school. If you have experience in caring for children then you have a good chance of being hired as a nanny.


Receptionists are required in different settings. The job requires answering phone calls and emails, setting appointments, welcoming visitors, and taking messages. Sometimes, receptionists are also required to do some data entry work. To get hired as a receptionist, you need to at least have a high school diploma. Having good communication and organization skills can boost your chances of getting hired.

Construction Worker

If you like working with your hands and if you are in good physical shape, then you can apply as a construction worker. As a construction worker, you’ll be required to help build various projects with the help of tools and machinery. You’ll be working with a team and will be supervised by a project manager. Apart from being physically fit, several licenses and certifications are required to have a construction worker.


Tutors help students to understand difficult topics and subjects with the goal of passing or achieving a specified grade. Part of the job is to review the homework done by students to make sure that they’ve answered the problems correctly. Tutors are also expected to talk to the parents or guardians of students to let them know the status of their children. Tutors must have a genuine interest in studying. Some parents may require a background check and drug screening.

Delivery Driver

Delivery services are in demand nowadays especially since more people are opting to work from home. The work is relatively easy. You just need to pick up the orders and then deliver them to the intended destination. You’re also required to document your deliveries. To get hired, you’ll need a valid driver’s license. Some companies require a clean driving record.