Back in 2018, Italy was able to overtake Germany and be titled as the leading pharmaceutical producer of Europe. This means that in comparison to the pharmaceuticals sales value of Germany which was 30.5bn euro, Italy made a total of 31.2bn euro just in the time-course of 2017.

From 2010 to 2017, Italy’s pharmaceutical growth rate was almost 26% per year, in comparison with the 1% average growth rate of the European Union (EU). This took place due to the impressive and strong growth of domestic demand despite the constraints on the healthcare products budget.

Thanks to the amazing academic and industrial research by the industrial companies in Italy, and the top development of technologies and products by these industries of Italy, the sale rate has benefited a lot in recent times.

Although there’s a huge list of pharmaceutical companies in Italy present there, that work forth promoting the pharmaceutical industry of Italy. Some of them are mentioned below:


This Italy based pharmaceutical company provides some medical services and products. Its main focus is on providing molecular genetic services to promote better healthcare services in Italy.


This pharmaceutical company is based in Arona, Italy. The main focus and developing products of this pharmaceutical company includes the manufacturing of medical devices and impressive supplement food to promote healthy lives.


The CellPly pharmaceutical company is located in Italy, Bologna. Here the main focus of medical services and treatments is to provide personalized and effective cancer treatments with advanced medicines and technologies.

Capua BioServices:

This Italy based pharmaceutical company is located in Capua. This pharmaceutical company in Italy provides it’s medical and research-based services in the field of custom microbial processes development and as well as manufacturing.


These pharmaceutical companies in Italy are based in Cartoceto. It’s main focus and development and manufacturing includes medicines and products related to antibodies, molecular biology supplies, proteins, DNA kits and other such beneficial and effective medical products.


This company is based in Guidonia Montecelio, Italy. The main focus of this company is in the production and manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics and reagents that work worth detecting several diseases and issues. Some of its main detections include viral infections, immune system diseases, and along with that to measure the responses of human hormones.


This pharmaceutical company is based in Milan, Italy. The main beneficial sectors of health services in this pharmaceutical industry include a number of facilities. The major services of this pharma company are its sector of consulting, digital-CRO and scientific firm. These firms and sectors help companies to build manufacture and build health-focused brands, innovations, and products.

Since Italy has made its name and place in Europe’s top pharmaceutical industry other than Switzerland, its range of facilities and services offered by pharma manufacturers is wide and beneficial that has made it reach the top rank. Although, in terms of Switzerland, it isn’t considered a part of Europe; hence it doesn’t make the list of Europe’s top pharma companies with Italy.