So, what can you do to increase your fuel efficiency? You have a number of options, from buying a new vehicle to maximize the fuel efficiency of your current car. Let’s go over some of your choices right here.

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency: Buy a New Vehicle

Perhaps the most drastic way to increase your fuel efficiency involves purchasing a new car. Energy efficient cars – like hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles (EVs) – can significantly reduce what you pay for gas at the pump.

You can check out the video below and see exactly how much you’d really save at the pump with an energy efficient vehicle right here:

Still, we know that purchasing a new car can be a big step. You don’t have to jump right into buying a new vehicle. There are some ways you can increase your fuel efficiency with your current vehicle, right now.

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency: Complete Regular Maintenance

Maximizing fuel efficiency starts before you ever get behind the wheel. Regular maintenance can actually boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, especially if you regularly change your:

·  Motor Oil

·  Air Filters

You can also get more mileage out of each gallon of gas by ensuring your tires are aligned and inflated properly. Properly inflated tires can increase your gas mileage by up to 3%.

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency: Reduce Drag

Your car’s fuel efficiency can increase if the engine doesn’t have to work so hard. Studies have shown that fuel efficiency actually drops by 1-2% for each 100 pounds that you add to your vehicle. Traveling light can help you save money at the pump.

Items attached to the outside of your car can also hurt fuel efficiency. For this reason, you might want to remove:

·  Roof Racks

·  Storage Accessories

·  Bike Racks

Your vehicle can better utilize fuel if you use interior storage for items you have to carry with you.

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency: Adjust Your Driving Habits

Sometimes, the best way to increase your fuel efficiency is to adjust the way you drive. Generally, you can reduce fuel use by up to 20% if you keep your speed around 60-65 mph, instead of pushing your engine to 75mph.

You can also reduce fuel usage by:

·  Accelerating Your Car Gradually

·  Avoiding Sudden Braking

·  Never Idling for More than 1 Minute

Utilize the cruise control system in your vehicle can also help you increase fuel efficiency, as it will help keep your vehicle at a constant speed.

Save Money by Increasing Your Fuel Efficiency

Saving money at the pump can be a big relief for your wallet. You can focus on increasing your fuel efficiency by:

·  Keeping Your Car Maintained

·  Preparing Before You Drive

·  Driving Moderately

You can also think about purchasing an energy efficient vehicle to drastically cut fuel costs. Applying some – or all – of these tips in your life can start saving you money right away.