Spam has never been praised. These messages may be annoying, harmful, or both. Companies use mailshots to attract new consumers. On the other hand, spam is widely used for phishing purposes. Finally, bots are a nuisance for website admins, as they insert malicious links into automated comments.

Getting rid of unwanted messages is every user’s wish. Luckily, there is a comprehensive solution. Anti-spam defense packages like cleantalk anti-spam get multiple tasks done at once. This software will keep spammers and bots at bay. Here is how.

Why Spambots Are Harmful

The point of leaving automated comments is to harvest email addresses. These are later used for unethical SEO and junk mail. Links included in such comments must never be opened, as they capture user data when clicked.

Another way to collect such information is to take advantage of weak coding. Any website that requires user details may be a target for spambots. Be it a blog, a chat room, or a social media platform, spammers will try to exploit it.

Summary of the Damage

Drawbacks for users are clear: their inboxes will be flooded with unwanted and irritating messages. For a website owner, the problem is multi-faceted. On the one hand, the website loses productivity. This happens as servers inevitably slow down, while Google ratings deteriorate.

Secondly, sensitive data is snatched away by bots, while users’ machines may become infected. Thirdly, statistical data analysis is now a challenge. It is hard to distinguish between genuine and automated traffic.

What Package Solutions Give

Websites’ owners can eliminate all these threats. All they need is a single tool. The unwanted activity of forums, social networking sites, or other resources is effectively blocked.

No Need for CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. These riddles have gotten increasingly complex over the past few years. The reason is that artificial intelligence (i.e. spambots) is now more skilled at deciphering words and images than before.

A few years ago, the ‘I am human’ checkbox would suffice to complete the task of identification. Today, humans have to struggle with images of traffic lights and fire hydrants. What could be more humiliating that this?

We all know it: CAPTCHA is terribly annoying. Users will be grateful if you eliminate these hurdles in their way. Now, there are no puzzles, checkboxes, or other means of preventing unwanted bot activity. With the package, the goal is achieved with zero hassle for users and website admins.

Get Accurate Stats

Logins and comments from spambots distort statistical bases for analysis. Anti-spam packages maximize transparency of the received data. Now, you see only accurate and detailed information on all logins and comments detected.

Clean data is imperative for effective SEO. If you want to see your site on top positions in Google search, you need to rely on precise information. This should only reflect interaction with real humans. Spambots cause what is known as Google Analytics spam.

This is possible even without them visiting your site. In essence, what happens is the spamming of the linked Analytics accounts with false data. The end goal is to manipulate webmasters into visiting certain sites.

Here, malicious techniques may include faking:

  • keywords,
  • language,
  • referrer data,
  • hostname.

Without anti-spam protection in place, a webmaster who spots such Google Analytics data is likely to start an investigation, eventually visiting the spammers’ site. For them, this is an outrageously devious way to boost traffic. For you, this may sabotage valuable data for marketing efforts.

Mobile Apps

The convenience is enhanced by a mobile app. Keep track of what is happening at any time, even while on the go. All new user actions are reflected immediately. Today, mobile accessibility is indispensable for monitoring purposes. Both Android and iOS devices are supported.

Such software boasts a five-star rating on AppStore. This powerful piece of software allows easy access to comments, registrations, and contacts on sites, boards, and blogs. There are only two requirements to get started:

  • an account,
  • a site protected with an anti-spam.

Assistance 24/7

The tech support team is there for you at any time of day or night. It is a corporate policy to respond to every query within twelve hours. In most cases, you may expect a much quicker reply. Such websites have an extensive troubleshooting section and detailed guides.


There is no need to change your website coding. All the anti-spam functions are neatly packed into plugins. Simple to install and use, they work with most popular CMS types and even custom websites. Establishing a connection with the service takes a minute at most. Basically, all you need is to install the all-in-one plugin.

Regular Updates

Finally, updates are essential, since Content Management Systems are constantly developing. The range of compatible CMS is growing all the time. Currently, WordPress, Joomla, VirtueMart, Drupal, phpBB, vBulletin, IP. Board, DataLife Engine (DLE), Bitrix, and custom sites are all supported.

Check All Comments

So your site has already existed for a while, and you have only just installed an anti-spam defense system. It is guaranteed to filter all new comments in real-time. But what about the old ones? There is probably a lot of serious cleaning to do. Luckily, this issue is solved as well.

Existing spam will not go undetected, either. A dedicated checker feature will scan the comment history to weed out spam users and messages. This involves checking by IP/email based on the date and time.

IP Blacklists

Not only do anti-spam developers devise solutions, but they also contribute to anti-spam war across the web, and let anyone join in. Users submit complaints about suspicious mail senders. Owners of websites, on the other hand, can easily check if their IP or domains have been blacklisted. If this occurs, any marketing efforts fail, as messages will land in the junk.

Here is why a specific domain/IP can be labeled fishy. First, this is due to the automated detection of open relay servers or spamming software. On the other hand, individuals may be outraged by your emails because they do not remember signing up. Other possible subjective reasons include the following:

  • They are dissatisfied with the content of messages.
  • They cannot find the link for unsubscribing.
  • They have too much incoming mail in general.

For any company arranging a marketing campaign, the consequences may be dire. In the worst-case scenario, emails are outright rejected by recipients’ mail servers. Regardless of the content, they do not even reach the junk! Finally, inactive email addresses may become insidious ‘spam traps’. This highlights the urgency of two measures: keeping the address list updated and checking IP/domains.

Conclusion: Why Comprehensive Solutions Are Key

Even the most elaborately designed website may fail due to spamming. Cybercriminals and malicious SEO managers are getting increasingly creative in their devious ways. Rather than using a range of separate tools, it is always best to purchase an all-in-one solution with proven efficiency.

No additional means of protection are necessary. Moreover, communication with website visitors is unhindered. No more CAPTCHAs or other hoops for visitors to jump through! Overall, such services deliver maximized convenience of an all-in-one package.