How paintings are sold

Dealers build their work around the picture or around the client’s request. The dealer either has access to the client’s body or not, but then he has access to other art dealers who have access to the body. Usually, one dealer calls the other and says, “I have a great Korovin, Grabar’s and Tretyakov’s papers, nobody has seen. Grabar’s and Tretyakovka’s papers are the expertise of the scientific-restoration center named after Grabar and the Tretyakov Gallery on the authenticity of the painting. Two conclusions guarantee that the painting is 90% not fake.

If I do not have a client for Korovin, I call the conditional Mike and say: “Here is Korovin, no one saw, two papers, so much is worth. Mike calls either his client or another dealer, so the picture reaches the recipient. Or, on the contrary, the client calls the art dealer, with whom he has a long-term trust relationship and says: “Here, I have money, I want Korovin, I can’t live without him. An art dealer starts looking for a picture on demand.

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Dealers start calling on the chain, remembering who had it. Although clients love the rare works that are not shone anywhere, but maybe it is that everyone has already called each other back. The first person to find it will sell it. It can be a shame when the chain starts with you, and the client gets this job from another dealer. Of course, the chain assumes that each dealer puts his or her own percentage of commission in the price. Moreover, the dealer must have an impeccable reputation. Which hasn’t stopped the world-famous lawsuit between Rybolovlev and Bouvier.

When a person brings a thing for sale in an antique showroom, the latter usually mortgages a 30% commission. And in behind-the-scenes sales, everything depends on the impudence of dealers.

Paintings may not be sold for a year or five years. And, frankly speaking, I do not know how antique salons that freeze huge amounts of money in the paintings survive. Paintings for 20 thousand dollars can be hidden in the back room, to get back, to hang from the corners to the center, to give “air” to other stores. Probably, it helps to keep afloat a large margin or sale on trifles, as we call it, “on gifts” when the client pops up and chooses silver for 5 thousand dollars. This pays for the security, the utility and the salaries of the employees.

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Every showroom has fakes. Both the owner and the employees do not always know that it is fake. Most of the antique dealers are interested in a trusting relationship with customers, so they won’t be involved in bullshit. The reputation of the salon should not be tarnished. But there are stories when everyone suffers.

Check the picture for authenticity can be in the course of the examination. But sometimes the picture is not worth as much as the expertise, so experts assess the work visually. Looking at the picture, but the official paper is not given. As a rule, these are people who spend 30 years considering the strokes and signatures of one artist. They know his works and his biography thoroughly, understand, could be painted this landscape on the Volga in a certain month or not. If necessary, the analysis of the paint and paint layer is done at the expertise.