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Every single person has an intense need to belong to a group of other people. This is known as oneness and is something more than just being associated with others; it is the desire to being able to consecrate yourself to the environment one is born and raised in. The word unity is defined as the advancement of the self within the human community, and when this unity is brought under the framework of ethics, it is considered as goodness and righteousness.

Today, in this modern world, families come in different sizes and shapes. We have single-parent and two-parent families, blended with children who belong to different sets of biological parents or adopted. We have parents who are straight, gay, parenting alone due to divorce, widowhood, or separation. Considering all these diversities, one may ask if families are able to function properly. Being a modern family should not refrain one from being united, as unity in a family is a great way of growing your children in an environment which is mentally healthy. According to psychologists, family unity helps one to develop and maintain better mental health. To understand this better, here are seven reasons why this is true.

It Helps You Communicate Better

When there is unity in the family, every individual learns to communicate in a better way. This helps them in building healthy relationships during the course of their life. A family with unity has an easy flow and interpretation of feelings, thoughts, and needs among its members. This is because each person has a sense of security and safety within their circle of family, and they have no room for isolation and evasion. When you know there is no one who will judge you, or criticize you for your thoughts and words; you are not afraid to speak up about what you want and how you express yourself. All this togetherness makes you learn how to communicate in a better way.

It Helps You Learn About Respect

A family that has unity among themselves also boosts a sense of absolute and unlimited respect for its every member. Every individual has the right to have their own thoughts, beliefs, ad feelings, and everyone else is made to respect those. Each family has some defined boundaries, and each family member is taught to respect those. This gives a convincing feeling of trust and protection inside the walls of a home. In a family that has unity, it is made sure that every individual feels seen and heard. This practice of respect allows psychological growth and characterization of each family member

It Helps You Empower

In order to thrive and become successful in life, one needs to feel empowered, and this comes from receiving and giving encouraging, motivating, and nurturing messages between family members. This makes an individual feel and believes that he or she is worthy and capable of achieving life goals. Unity in the family is a source of validation, which can psychologically make one feel confident and give him or her the sense of empowerment. A healthy and united family is your cheering squad, who are always there to support your goals, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Aarti Sequeira also educates you about how family unity can go a long way in shaping your success in career and life.

It Helps You Learn Acceptance

When you live in a family that promotes and practices unity, you learn how to accept and be accepted. Every individual wants to know and believe that they are accepted, admired, and adored as a crucial part of the family group. Family unity teaches every member to appreciate and love one another for their presence and role in the family. When each member shows their gratitude towards one another for what they do, it creates a sense of belonging in the family, and this prompts feelings of family unity, harmony, purpose, and togetherness.

It Creates a Sense of Responsibility

Having family unity has its own many advantages, one of which is creating a sense of responsibility among each family member. As being humans, we all learn responsibilities, accountability, and commitment from a very young age within our family, which makes it the first training unit for us. It helps us become a better adult. The family unit teaches individuals that it’s alright to depend on dependable people, which eventually helps in building strong relationships in life as people are not afraid of trusting others. In a united family, each member knows their roles and duties, as well as the rules and support they need to complete their tasks. This helps them learn the importance of expectations and duties, and makes them a responsible participant. This helps them in living a good life in a community and teaches them the value of being prompt, involved, and devoted to the benefit and interest of others.

It Teaches About Organisation

Family unity teaches one to build an organizing system, a structure that signifies there is an organizing mechanism in the face of a leader. It helps you create rules that all family members are expected to accept and commit to. This helps the family to operate in an organized manner, teaching each member how a structure works and how important organization is to live a healthy life.

Every family’s organizing system can be different, but few things that they all have in common are things like where and when the family eats and sleep, how they plan their vacations, which family rituals are necessary to be present at, such as holiday dinners, religious gathering, ceremonial observances, or occasions like graduations, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Being together at such family gatherings helps the family members share life stories, which they may pass on to the coming generations and in which many may find comfort. All this exhilarates the sense of family commitment and togetherness.

It Helps You Learn About Resilience

Family unity teaches each individual about emotional resilience; how well a family can deal with the emergencies, or what coping techniques are available in the family in handling unpleasant situations. When a family is united, it means that they are together in both good and bad times.

They are not afraid to discuss their fears with each other, and they always know they have their backs covered by someone who loves and cares for them. This helps them in turn for advice, support, and comfort in times of crises. According to stats, several people commit suicide every day because they don’t know what to do when they are caught up in a difficult situation.

Their minds are not capable of functioning in a way which can make them hopeful or feel less helpless. On the contrary, individuals who exist in a family setup that has unity do not face such issues of being suicidal because they know there are people who they can always turn to. Things often go wrong in life, and there can be several ups and downs along the way, but families that stay united and are there for each other can create a great difference in such cold and in different situations.