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Sleep and health go hand in hand, not only in psychological factors but also for physical growth and health. Chiropractors will tell you that your sleeping positions and bedding materials have a great impact on the health of your spine. It is therefore important to choose the best mattress for maximum relaxation during your nap.

Most modern-day mattresses, including a hybrid mattress like Dreamcloud mattress by SleepDelivered offers comfort through advanced features. However, with the market being saturated with seemingly good mattresses, we will find ourselves in a dilemma on which mattresses suits us best. Fret not, however, as you read through these five basic tips of choosing the best mattress for a night of healthy and relaxing sleep.


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Like any other long-term investment, you expect your mattress to give you the best services for a long time. Most mattresses have an average lifespan of 8yrs. After that, one can only replace it for comfort. However, some modern mattress technologies give you a service of up to 12 years. As you research on the best mattress it is good to buy one that serves you longer. Remember, the durability of a mattress depends on the quality of the material it is made from and also its manner of construction. Ultimately, handmade mattresses are more durable.


Another important factor in mattress purchase is firmness. This is regarding the softness or hardness of the mattresses material. While most people advocate for firm mattresses as the main back pain reducers, it is better to choose according to sleeping position, body weight, and general comfort. Side sleepers are better off on soft to medium hardness mattresses as they reduce pressure on their joints. The average recommended firmness is however 4-7 on a scale of 10. It is more advisable, however, to get a mattress that supports proper spine alignment without creating pressure points.

Motion distribution

For people who turn and toss a lot in their sleep, these factors should come first in your quest. Good motion distribution ensures you have a night of uninterrupted sleep. Find a mattress that adjusts to your sleep patterns and positions without creating many ripples. Ideally, shock absorbing mattresses are the best for less motion absorption. If you move a lot at night and you are buying a spring mattress, for instance, it is advisable to buy a mattress with more springs as opposed to one with a few widely spaced springs. This is because it is easier to spread your weight on a multitude of springs thus giving you more comfort.


Mattresses are quickly becoming expensive essential. However, it is more expensive to keep buying mattresses; hence the need to check the durability. With the market flooding fast, new and cheaper mattresses are on the rise. It is, however, wise to purchase based on the quality of the mattress. A small budget is enough to buy a mattress for yourself. If you are buying for the whole family, it is better to buy on wholesale. If this is not possible, buy one at a time. Make sure you get a warranty on the mattresses lifespan. Examine the total cost by varying the prices of different mattresses in different shops.


Yes, size matters. The larger a mattress, the more comfortable it is for you. However, the size of the mattress you buy also depends on the space you want it to fit in. A large mattress will increase your sleeping comfort especially if you are a heavy sleeper. However, the price for such a mattress is also considerably high in consideration to size. Another advantage of a large mattress is its ability to support more than one person if we need it to. When considering size, remember to factor in the size of your bed. Always buy a mattress that fits your bed perfectly for maximum comfort.

Give it a test drive

If you are shopping for your mattress from a physical outlet, then do not be afraid to give your mattress a test drive before making your purchase. A mattress test drive is simple, lay on the mattress for at least 10 minutes to experience the full effect. Just as you would at home when sleeping, move around on the mattress. It might look silly but you will select a great fit to finally take home. It is recommended to do your test drive in more than one set and this might be time-consuming but the results are worthwhile. Do not feel like those sales people are forcing you to make the purchase. Only pay for the mattress if you feel it meets your requirements.

Comfort and support

A good mattress that can help you enjoy a restful and peaceful night must be comfortable. There are no two ways around it. Therefore, only choose a mattress that is comfortable enough and able to give you the support needed for your body weight. The more the weight you carry on your body, the more support your mattress should be able to provide. Make sure you select a mattress that will help in the alignment of your body and give enough comfort. Such a mattress will definitely help you enjoy a good night sleep, every night.

Another thing to consider for the comfort and support of a mattress is your sleeping positions. Different people sleep in different positions. The type of support you require from a mattress will impact the position you sleep on such as side or back and if you will sleep alone or it will be shared.

Investing in a good mattress is a worthy cause. Mattresses play a big role in comfort during sleep and can, therefore, determine how healthy your nights are. Remember that getting enough rest will have a major impact on your daily performance. If you want to wake up while feeling energetic and ready for a new day, you must get the right environment and accessories to assist you to have a good sleep and one of them is a good mattress. Consider choosing the right mattress to ensure you get a good rest and a healthy life by reducing back and neck pains. Choose wisely for more comfortable and healthy nights.