Technology has evolved much in the last century, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Most of our modern life is completely dependent on technology; everything from how we communicate to how our food is collected to how we make everyday purchases. Businesses have a solid investment in the technology side of things as well, with such advancements as AI and cloud computing changing the way we do business altogether. Here are six tech enhancements your business should invest in this year.

1. Digital Conference Calling

Let’s ditch those silly landlines and upgrade to painless conference calling with online video meeting and conference calling tools! Typical landlines charge long-distance and multi-caller fees, which, if you host a lot of conference calls each month, can add up quickly. Doubling or tripling your phone bill is hardly ideal, and landlines are on their way to the halls of antiquity anyway.

Digital conference calling services make your typical conference call easier than ever to host and access. Using a stable internet connection, these services provide you with your own conference room complete with a specialized link and phone number for callers to join. You can use a mobile phone, laptop, or just about any other device with an internet connection to join the call.

Many conference calling services also offer extra tools you can use for better calls. From video conferencing software to cloud storage and screen sharing, these tools offer so much more than a typical landline connection. Take your calls and seminars to the next level with a conference calling service.

2. Cloud Storage

The days of saving sharable files to a flash drive or sharing via email are just about over, thanks to cloud storage and sharing. Cloud storage allows you up to several terabytes of storage on an online server, so you don’t have to keep everything in one location on a local drive. These online servers can be accessed by anyone you give permission to, making sharing among the team simple.

Cloud servers are also quite secure, and there are dozens of options to choose from. If you’re a fan of Google, you can opt for Google Drive, which offers up to 15GB of storage for free. Other providers include DropBox and OneDrive (Microsoft).

3. Project Management Software

Project management software makes assigning projects, deadlines, and requirements simple, accessible, and affordable. If you’re struggling to keep your team on the same page when it comes to projects, investing in one of these great tools can help get everyone back on track and simplify the production process.

You’ll be able to assign specific tasks to team members, as well as request updates, set deadlines, and more in the interface. Some project management software even offers cloud storage for easy project sharing. With so many tools in one software program, it’s no wonder so many businesses are switching to some form of project management software.

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4. AI Marketing

Step aside, traditional marketing; artificial intelligence is making its way into the business world, and it’s not being quiet about it. AI is a concept that was first introduced in 1956 (yes, you read that correctly) and has continued to evolve ever since. Now, we’re seeing the technology work its way into marketing to transform the industry altogether.

If you’re looking to improve the reach, effectiveness, and overall efficiency of your marketing efforts, AI technology is here to help. AI learns from your customers’ behavior, anticipates future moves, and creates more customized marketing campaigns to improve the chances that your customers will follow up on ads.

5. POS Software

POS systems are another piece of technology the retail and eCommerce sectors will want to keep an eye on. With continuously evolving technology and software, these systems are sure to replace the traditional cash register and online checkout models sometime soon.

You simply can’t beat what POS systems have to offer with a traditional POS. From inventory management to marketing tools, this technology is your all-in-one service panel for the entire business.

6. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of AI that helps machines learn and adapt to new situations. This allows for machinery and things like computers to become better at their job. While some are skeptical, if not afraid of machine learning, the benefits of having more advanced machinery are limitless!

We can expect machine learning to improve as AI finds a more permanent place in our society. Companies like Facebook already use AI in their algorithms, and we’re sure to see the technology solidifying itself in the future as a must-have tool for businesses everywhere.

The Bottom Line

Technology is here to stay, and whether your business chooses to embrace it or not, it isn’t going anywhere! We can expect technology will continue to improve and play a significant if not vital role in our lives, so why wait? Start investing in one or more of these six technologies today for better business.