Host Nine Review


HostNine is one of those web-hosting websites that is designed and build for its compatibility with E-commerce. This service allows the users to set up their websites and carry out transactions.

HostNine Web Hosting Plans

HostNine offers some of the best web hosting plans to ensure the web hosting needs of the customers. The major plans which it offers are at the personal end enterprise level. Some of the core features of these plans include.

  • Unlimited amount of data transfer
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • cPanel control panel
  • MySQL databases
  • Daily backups
  • Free site builder
  • Custom error pages
  • Virus protection

These are the standard features in the personal and professional web hosting plans out of which the latter is the premium web hosting plan.

Pros of HostNine Web Hosting

Some of the well-known advantages of HostNine are

  • Quality Service – The web hosting provided by HostNine is very dedicated to its clients. Apart from this, the billing system is also easy and user-friendly because HostNine uses Modern Billing Software.
  • HostNine Plans – This web hosting site provides a lot of options to the users as far as the number of plans are concerned. There are at least four different plans which the users can enjoy with convenience and efficiency.
  • cPanel Availability – One of the major things that HostNine takes pride in is the presence of cPanel or Control Panel, which looks after the effective administration of the websites. This is a very good concept which is available with only a few companies and promotes excellence in performance.

For reseller web hosting, at low upfront costs at minimal risks, HostNine is the service provider you need to choose. They provide dependable and in-demand hosting services catering to anyone’s needs.

There is a long list of tailor-made features that can help those starting small to medium businesses in achieving their ends.


With unlimited websites, you have an open growth opportunity. Making the services complete, a free domain reseller account also comes along, which allows you to purchase domain names and sell them off to clients. Hostnine also gives its users the power to set their own prices, create packages suiting their needs and customizing and branding pages and control panels.

With automated billing facility, one can manage accounts through enabled software and organize the billing procedure. Most of the work is done by the software itself so that the users don’t have to worry about getting behind or knowing ways to bill the clients.

The building tools and templates that come along with the package, allow you to create professional looking websites on your own. The same tools will be passed onto your clients so that their websites are presentable and functional as well. After getting a sign in, you have access to the control panel of Web Host Manager. This panel will let you pass onto your clients, their own panels, which can then be maintained and modified. One of the added advantages is the availability of e-commerce facilities in the form of blogs, forums, and social networking, which can help clients to customize their websites.


Sever plans are available for resellers to choose from, each having a list of capabilities and features comprehensive in themselves and which will allow you to host successfully. The plans differentiate based on the number of domains, bandwidth, and disk space that comes integrated along with them. While the level one plan offers 50 GB of space, 100 domains and 500 GB of bandwidth for a total cost of $24.95 a month, Level 5 offer 250 GB of space, 500 domains and 2500 GB of bandwidth at an accumulated cost of $99.95 a month.

Summary: With different levels of reseller plans, Hostnine lets you choose a plan that coordinates best with the aspirations of your company. A lot of freedom and features lets you handle and sell domains and manage web hosting services easily and quickly.

Based in Jupiter, Florida, HostNine web hosting services have been offering such services since 2006. Being dedicated to providing the best of the best, HostNine offers web building tools and applications that are user-friendly and intuitive. This allows each web owner the ability to build a web site for themselves.

Customers have the ability to choose the necessary and desired applications and options. Each account is equipped with cPanel, the administrative brains behind the web page that allows each customer to upload web pages, images, and applications, as well as heck data usage. Statistics are included in the cPanel and show web site visitors and length of visit.

Web hosting is available on a monthly or yearly basis. This is helpful for a web page that is only needed for a short duration of time. The monthly fees are competitively priced, and the monthly accounts include the same feature as a yearly plan.

HostNine created their hosting packages with economics in mind. They use competitive pricing, and the features include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, one domain is allowed for personal accounts and unlimited domains for commercial accounts. A dedicated IP address is available for a fee as well as an SSL certificate for personal web packages and no cost for commercial web sites. The personal web page packages and options are only available in the United States, while commercial web packages are available in Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

HostNine offers more than 300 templates for web site building, or customers can create their own.  The idea is to provide stress-free web hosting with continuous support. There are also a variety of e-commerce applications and tools, as well as blogging templates and tools available at no additional cost to the customer. These tools provide more value to the hosting package and provide the necessary resources for the customers.

For HostNine customers who wish to move their existing web sites from their former host to HostNine, can let HostNine do the work for you. They will transfer all pages and associated data, sometimes the same day the account is open. HostNine also offers a 45-day money back guarantee to anyone who is not satisfied with the service or results. That allows customers to test drive the hosting service without worrying about spending money needlessly. This is good news for customer’s on a budget.

There are various services being offered by HostNine at present. However, the main services offered by HostNine include Internet hosting, VPS hosting, affiliate program, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. You can get access to two main functions with HostNine, and these include enterprise and personal. These are also equipped with other functions such as email services and advanced applications. The enterprise, as well as personal plans offered by HostNine offer different functions that may be basic or advanced.

Fundamental and Advanced Functions

There are certain fundamental functions offered by HostNine. These functions are:

  • FTP Accounts
  • Sub-Domains
  • File Manager
  • Site Builder

Apart from these fundamental functions, there are also other advanced functions, and these are primarily used for blogs as well as e-commerce websites. These functions are:

  • Advanced DDoS Filtering
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Daily Offsite Backup
  • Perl/Javascript/CGI, Zend
  • Cron Jobs
  • Ioncube

There are various people who are satisfied with these fundamental and advanced features offered by HostNine.

Safety and Security

Safety, as well as the security of the customers, is paramount at HostNine. The accounts at HostNine are being protected with the Clam Anti-Virus that is regarded as the effective and most versatile solution for scanning the email accounts safety. All the web hosting plans are also secured with the ASSP solution. This is one of the best-known spam prevention tools. Also, there is a backup offered by the HostNine. Therefore, all your data files are completely safeguarded.

Professional Site Builder Option

HostNine also offers you a professional RV site builder option as well. This allows you to create your websites effortlessly. This is absolutely easy software that can be used by starters, especially the ones who are not aware of how to start coding the websites. Users get access to excellent graphics and various other options through the HostNine site builder. The data centers are well managed and offer best quality services to you. The network consistency is something that can always be expected with the HostNine.


HostNine can, therefore, be called one of the leading providers of an excellent web hosting solutions through excellent software and all good tools. You can also check out various other details at the HostNine official website. The site is easy to use and also makes things simpler for you. The customers of HostNine are highly satisfied and have experienced greater success with the use of this web hosting company.