Website Hosting
Website Hosting

If you have an interest in buying a web hosting service, you should first be aware of the goals that you need to achieve from this website. According to, their definition of a bad web hosting service is one that harms the rankings of your search, results in wastage of resources and requires a lot of work and finally reduces online authority.

Most leaders of the web hosting market are similar. Therefore when buying web hosting service you have to need to consider your hosting needs, reliability, if you can upgrade the site and the cost of upgrading and the delivery speed and uptime of servers.

The following are the five things that you should be aware as you buy a web hosting service.

1. Website Builder

In recent times, hosting providers avail the necessary tools for creating a perfect website. Website builders like Boldgrid provide templates with the drag and drop feature. With these tools, you can create a great looking website without hiring a web designer.

However, you should keep in mind such sites as Weebly or Wix are proprietary. These sites are not web hosting providers in the actual sense. It has limits to what your activities and offers zero flexibility. According to, website builders are mostly useful for bloggers, photographers, freelancers or an owner of e-commerce. In case you are selling a lot of products in the online store then you will have to refrain from using website builders. Also if you know about CSS, HTML basic programming, then you will mostly prefer to buy a web hosting service.

2. The ability to add Domains

Growth requires diversification. Although you might be starting with only one website and domain name, after a while you will understand the importance of having many websites, subdomains as well as domain.

They are significant in creating more traffic for your site. It will be a wise move that before purchasing a web hosting service, you should have a look at their various packages and be keen enough to identify if they permit multiple running of websites on one web hosting platform.

Have a keen look at the price for the unlimited subdomain and website packages and compare it with other players of the industry. Generally, spare some time to purchase a web host service which offers multiple service plans that allow adding of a new domain which allows scaling with time.

3. Scalability

Scalability is essential in two ways: First, you require the website to handle a massive number of visitors. Secondly, you need a hosting service that you can naturally grow with, as the web traffic and businesses increases. When you are buying a hosting service, examine how simple it is to upgrade. Check whether your web hosting service can move from a shared hosting package to the intermediate VPS when traffic is at a certain level, without downtime on the website. It could be that the business has seasonal fluctuations in internet traffic. They have to receive seamless support.

For instance, a retailer of Christmas trees will have a lot of traffic during December. Scalability from the hosting provider will allow the website to tackle fluctuations in traffic without failure. Ensure you purchase a web hosting service that offers the flexibility of upgrading to VPS.

4. Backup

The availability of backup is a significant feature that your hosting provider should offer. A few hosting organizations provide this service as the inclusion of their package, therefore ensure you should inquire. Backups will automatically be taken off the website on a daily routine and are stored for seven days, allowing you to restore the site at any time that you require. Backups mostly feature static(website files) and dynamic(database). Some of the reasons why you should back up your website include hacking, emergency at the data center, component failure as well as human error. You could also use a third party site like Google Drive to store backup information or your computer. This piece is an excerpt derived from the eBook: The Ultimate web hosting guide.

There has been an increase in the websites that are under attack by extortionists. These attacks could lead to irreparable harm such as destruction or the index.php file replacement. You could also have a breakdown of the local hard disk.

5. Account Limitations

All the web hosting companies have setoff rules and principles and engagement terms. The violation of these terms could result in incurring additional costs, permanent or temporal banning of the hosting service. For example, providers of hosting services do not allow the use of large CPU amount in running scripts and computationally intensive that exceeds two seconds on the servers.

If you are guilty of the above actions, you will have to pay extra, or your site will be indefinitely taken down without a refund of the cash. Ensure that you allocate time to read these terms and conditions. Only sign up for a service that you intend to comply with their dictates.

The most crucial thing is to stay away from organizations that lack precise engagement terms stating that the decisions for limitation and suspension of the account are at the organization’s management discretion.

You should also check on how you can access the website. You will need a File Transfer Protocol( FTP) to obtain a file.FTP is a popular method of transferring web pages and data from the PC to the hosted web host’s computer. Take a gander at the optimum size of data since this may restrict the ability to upload files of media.

A lot of providers will offer the internet based file manager that is beneficial if you are far from the workstation and would like to perform a quick update on your site, even from your mobile phone.


Gone are the days where individuals identified the best hosting organization through the bandwidth and disk space it provides. Currently, the perception of what is significant has moved to affordability.

But if you are in search of continuously growing your website, you should consider using a comprehensive approach to get a suitable provider of web hosting.