Buying used cars in Dubai can be a dreadful and time-consuming process for people who are new to the used car market. With the ever-growing numbers of used cars for sale in UAE, it is essential for the buyer to understand the importance of a used car thoroughly vetted by an expert.

All things considered equal, an expert inspected used car costs more than one that has not been certified by an expert. At used car companies like Carswitch, qualified experts will perform the necessary checks and inspections to ensure that the used vehicle that they buy is of a specified standard.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying an expert inspected a used car that will help you get the best deal for your money.

Best Condition Vehicles Only

The latest vehicle models with low-mileage and impressive vehicle history reports make the cut as certified pre-owned cars after going through rigorous inspection processes. If a used car does not meet the specified criteria, it may fail to become a certified expert car.

Multi-point Inspection

A dealer will consider and examine several parameters that will determine if a used vehicle is eligible to be a certified used car. The car can be reconditioned and replaced to meet the specified standards. This varies with different manufacturers. Generally, an expert certified vehicle endures 100 to 200 individual item checks. It eventually gets approved as an expert certified used car by the time it goes on the market.

Roadside Assistance

Most used car dealers offer 24-hour roadside assistance during the basic warranty coverage period of a certified pre-owned car. This service helps owners who lock themselves out of their vehicle, who run out of gas, may need a jump-start, etc.

Financing At A Lower Interest

While expert certified used vehicles are usually more expensive than the same models that have not been certified. The vehicles which go through numerous tests qualify for loans which are offered at low finance rates which are typically equal to the loans offered on a brand new car. For buyers who are looking at financing their expert certified vehicle, the lower interest rate ultimately lowers the monthly payment. This, in turn, helps them to ameliorate the damage done by the higher asking price of the used vehicle.


Used auto dealerships offer a lease option to customers who wish to drive an expensive luxury car which has been pre-owned. This is an appealing alternative to potential buyers who like to experience a particular car which might not be within their budget or different cars for short periods of times.

Free Maintenance

Certain used auto dealerships offer free maintenance for a defined period or up to a mileage limit for their expert certified used cars. Usually, this benefit covers periodic inspections, oil changes, or tire rotations in accordance with the guidelines set by the manufacturer.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Some dealerships allow buyers to exchange their vehicle with a different vehicle, which falls under a specific time frame and mileage limit. However, this is not a money-back guarantee. Rather, this benefit allows the customer a one-time swap of the vehicle, which they might prefer more than their current vehicle.

Extended Warranty Protection

Many used car dealers extend both the original basic and the original powertrain warranty of an expert certified used car. Companies can offer short term extended warranty or a generously extended warranty period to stay competitive in the market. The remainder of the new vehicle warranty gets transferred to the new vehicle owner.

Buyback Protection

A few used car dealerships may also include buyback protection if there’s a later discovery of the car being damaged by fire, floods, or a rolled back odometer. This provides the buyer with security and peace of mind that they wouldn’t be stuck with a car that’s not of set standards.

Purchasing an expert certified vehicle promises a better experience of driving and quality during the ownership of the vehicle. The initial costs of an expert inspected used car may be higher, but the benefits make it well worth it.